Budget & Funding Sources

The Center for International Policy's staff and board are very grateful for the generous support CIP continues to receive from forward-looking foundations, businesses and churches and the many concerned citizens who share our goals and values.

Funding Sources

Supported by individual donors, foundations, businesses and churches, CIP has stayed steadfastly true to its goals since its founding in 1975.  Foundations, businesses and churches currently supporting CIP's work include:

Budget & Financial Information

The Center for International Policy's estimated budget for 2015, as approved by our Board of Directors, is $5.85 million.

Estimated 2015 Budget:

Grants $4,661,134
Contributions $628,500
Fees/Overhead Recovery $317,302
Contract services $91,864
Anticipated Carry Forward from 2013 $441,367
Total income $6,048,303
Salaries, taxes and benefits $1,720,902
Accounting $107,316
Advertising $33,000
Consultants $683,972
Contributions to Other Organizations $1,897,316
Meetings $425,092
Insurance & legal fees $28,292
Office Supplies $59,966
Postage $10,395
Printing/Copying $46,423
Rent $242,160
Telephone, internet and websites $60,494
Travel $204,784
Overhead/Administrative Fees $317,302
Total expenses $5,853,397


2014 IRS Form 990:


Audited Financial Statement: