Current Interns
  • Grace Beya

    Grace Beya Security Assistance Monitor

    Grace a rising senior at George Mason University from the Democratic Republic of Congo majoring in Criminology, Law and Society with a minor in psychology.She is passionate about human rights, social justice and conflict resolution in the African region. In the future, Grace hopes to get a degree in International Law and pursue a career in criminal justice and human rights advocacy. In her free time she loves to play soccer, travel, cook and attend musical performances. 

  • Tucker Burleigh

    Tucker Burleigh Financial Transparency Coalition

    Tucker is a rising junior at Williams College, majoring in Political Science with a concentration in International Relations and Leadership Studies. His academic interests include education and the social and political thought in hip hop music. He has previously worked for New York City Public School 333, the Horizons Summer Enrichment Program, and Ride2Recovery.

  • Maria Coloma

    Maria Coloma Security Assistance Monitor

    Maria Gabriela is a rising senior at Davidson College, North Carolina, majoring in Political Science. Born and raised in Lima, Peru, she has also lived in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. Passionate about Latin American politics, she is interested in working in Latin American development, social policy and advocacy. Her more specific academic interests involved armed conflict, human rights, drug policy and education, as well as political sociology in South America. At Davidson College, she's lead the Davidson International Association and actively promoted cultural awareness in the liberal arts setting. A dedicated yogui, Maria is also interested in Yoga, meditation and Ayurveda and is on her way to being certified as a yoga teacher this fall.

  • Chloe Gilroy

    Chloe Gilroy Latin America Rights and Security Fellow

    Chloe recently graduated from Colby College with a double major in Government and Latin American Studies. Before coming to the Center for International Policy, she volunteered at the Immigrant Legal Advocacy Project in Portland, Maine. She has also interned at Annunciation House, an emergency shelter for undocumented immigrants in El Paso, Texas. She also spent five months studying and working in Argentina. While there, she worked with Fundación Ciudadanos del Mundo, a legal clinic for low-income immigrants in Buenos Aires. Chloe is interested in issues related to security and human rights in Latin America, and hopes to go on to get a masters degree in public policy.

  • Claire Glezer

    Claire Glezer Common Defense Campaign

    Claire is a senior at Indiana University where she is majoring in Political Science and International Studies with a minor in French. Her academic interests include identity and conflict studies in Western Europe and Africa, and US foreign policy. Claire's passion for international studies was the stimulus behind her semester studying abroad at the Institute d'Etudes Politiques, an elite political studies university in Aix-en-Provence, France. In the future, she hopes to pursue a Masters Degree in International Studies and continue studying the French language. In her free time, she enjoys playing soccer, traveling, learning about and experiencing new cultures.

  • Emma Hutchinson

    Emma Hutchinson Fundraising and Operations

    Emma is a senior at the University of California, Irvine where she majors in International Relations and Conflict Resolution. Her studies focus on international human rights and global ethics, which she hopes will prepare her for a career in a human rights NGO after pursuing a graduate degree in public diplomacy or social entrepreneurship. She is actively involved in charity and leadership organizations at UCI, such as Greek Songfest, where she led UCI students to raise over $123,000 for the Child Abuse Prevention Center of Orange County. Emma also works as a Reservation Specialist in the UCI Student Center and Event Services administrative office where she plans on-campus events. In her free time she enjoys hiking, seeing live music, and performing opera.

  • Sameera Ibrahim

    Sameera Ibrahim Security Assistance Monitor

    Sameera is a rising junior at the University of Vermont where she is majoring in Geography and Political Science with minors in Russian and Global Studies. Her academic interests include the geopolitics of the Central Asia and the Caucasus, human rights theory, and refugee migrations. After completing her undergraduate studies, she hopes to pursue a career in human rights advocacy and public policy. In her free time, she enjoys reading, hiking, exploring new spaces, and riding her bike.

  • Julia Jacovides

    Julia Jacovides National Security

    Julia recently graduated from the University of Michigan, where she completed a thesis on partition in Ireland and Cyprus. As a student, Julia ran the Michigan Journal of International Affairs and took courses in French and Arabic. She is interested in conflict resolution and the intersection of policy and cultural issues. In the future she intends to pursue a graduate degree in international conflict and development. In her spare time, she enjoys playing piano, reading, and trying to master new recipes.

  • Jacob Marx

    Jacob Marx Common Defense Campaign

    Jacob is a 2013 graduate of Colby College where he studied international politics with a focus on Europe and also minored in Film. Before coming to the Center for International Policy he produced the first TEDxUniversity conference in the state of Maine and was the special assistant to a Democratic gubernatorial candidate. Jacob is an avid reader and is interested in security policy, world history and the local impact of US military bases in foreign countries. At CIP he focuses on defense spending oversight and US policy in Iran and Afghanistan. Jacob has studied abroad in Israel, Mexico and Scotland and enjoys playing sports, watching movies and trying new things.

Past Interns

We would like to thank our current spring 2014 interns, as well as our
past interns, for their dedication and work, which has greatly
contributed to making CIP's day-to-day operations a succes

Fall 2013

Security Assistance Monitor Asia // Eddie Bejarano, Binghamton University
Latin America Security // Benjamin Fagan, Wheaton College
Security Assistance Monitor Africa // Kyle Dallman, Beloit College
Common Defense Campaign // Matthew Matola, UNC - Chapel Hill


Summer 2013

Transparency & Accountability Asia // Leslie Adkins, Davidson College
Latin America Security // Victor Salcedo, University of Virginia
Transparency & Accountability Africa // Alex Dobyan, Tufts University
Common Defense Campaign // Parisa Sadeghi, University of Virginia
National Security, Fundraising & Development // Isabel Custodio, Wellesley College
Cuba Project // Ashley Badesch , University of Virginia
New Media Communications & Operations // Kimberly Grano, UCLA


Spring 2013

Transparency & Accountability Asia // Cody Knapp, University of Georgia
Transparency & Accountability Africa // Georgia Butler, University of Pittsburgh
Common Defense Campaign // Nirali Parikh, Wake Forest University
National Security, Fundraising & Development // Cole Jordan, North Carolina State University
Latin America Security // Marissa Esthimer, Cornell University
New Media Communications & Operations // Ashley Csaszar, Syracuse University
Cuba Project // Josh Clement, University of Alabama

Fall 2012

Transparency & Accountability Asia // Aapta Garg, American University
Latin America Security // Matt Lonergan, Boston University
Transparency & Accountability Africa // Robert Lord, Hendrix College
Common Defense Campaign // Natalie Peterson, University of Michigan
National Security, Fundraising & Development // Jesse Sandoval, University of Illinois at Urbana
Latin America Security // Jessica Varona, Syracuse University


Summer 2012

Common Defense Campaign // Daniel Resnick, Tufts
Cuba, Executive Assistant // Cristina Alvarez, Brown
Latin America Security // Anna Moses, Wellesley College
National Security, Fundraising & Development // Maxine Jacobson, Tufts
Social Media, Communications & Operations // Ian Chan, Stanford
Afghanistan Study Group // Naeem Ahmad, St. Lawrence University


Spring 2012

Common Defense Campaign // Christine Anderson, Columbia// Kelsy Greenwald, Yale
Cuba, Executive Assistant // Juanita Islas, UC Berkely
Latin America Security // Michael Kane, Wake Forest University
National Security, Fundraising & Development // Anna Podoplelova, University of Colorado, Boulder
Social Media, Communications & Operations // Matthias McCoy-Thompson, American University

Fall 2011

Common Defense Campaign // Alex Mette, Beloit
Cuba, Executive Assistant // Laura Muth, Johns Hopkins University
Latin America Security // Jessica Lippman, Georgetown University
National Security, Fundraising & Development // Maggie Kellogg, Seattle University
Social Media, Communications & Operations // Rachael Oettinger, UC Santa Cruz

Summer 2011

Afghanistan Study Group // Edward Kenney, SAIS, Johns Hopkins // Mary Patterson, DePaul University
Americas Program // Murphy Woodhouse, University of Arizona
Common Defense Campaign // Esha Mufti, University of Oklahoma
Cuba, Execuive Assistant // Fiorella Mejia, Brown University
Latin America Security // Claire McCleskey, Georgetown University
National Security, Fundraising & Development // Alyssa Warren Georgetown University
Social Media, Operations & Communications // Teddy Woodhouse, University of St. Andrews

Spring 2011

Asia // Esha Mufti University of Oklahoma
Afghanistan Study Group // Edward Kenney SAIS, Johns Hopkins
Americas Program // Murphy Woodhouse University of Arizona
Cuba, Executive Assistant // Jaclyn Humphrey Syraucse University
Latin America Security // Erin Shea University of Rhode Island
National Security, Fundraising & Development // Brooke Padgett University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Social Media, Communications & Operations // Montana Mathieu Georgetown University

Fall 2010 Interns

Fall 2010

Asia  // John Cavanagh, Colgate University// Michelle Trone, Emory University
Cuba, Executive Assistant // Emily Rogers, American University
Latin America Security // Allison Gilchrist, Syracuse University // Johannes Schmidt, George Washington University
National Security, Afghanistan // Edward Kenney, SAIS, Johns Hopkins University
National Security, Fundraising & Development // Grant Potter, American University
Social Media, Communications & Operations // Scott Schaffer, Indiana University

Summer 2010

Asia // Janeen Madan, Vassar College // Riya Khilnani, Yale
Common Defense Campaign // Lauren Lefebrve, SAIS, Johns Hopkins University
Cuba, Executive Assistant // Meghan Vail, UT Austin
Latin America Security // Sarah Kinosian, University of Pennsylvania
National Security, Fundraising & Development // Tess Strumwasser, Smith College




Spring 2010

Asia // Mary Longenbaker, University of Notre Dame
Cuba, Executive Assistant // Amanda Sewell, American University
Latin America Security // Cristina Salas, Universidad Catolica Andres Bello
National Security, Fundraising & Development // Lauren Lefebrve, SAIS, Johns Hopkins University




Fall 2009

Asia // Jessica Cho, George Washington University
Central America, Cuba // Ted Carroll, Loyola University Chicago/Coe College
National Security, Fundraising & Development // Michelle Gulino, Johns Hopkins University
Joint Demilitarization Campaign // Rebecca Wage, University of California, Santa Cruz
Global Financial Integrity // Doyle Galvin, Naval Academy // Nicole Barrett, George Washington University
Latin America Security // Hannah Brodlie, Oberlin College


Summer 2009

Asia // Helen Zhang, University of Michigan
Avoided Deforestation Partners // Andrew Mayersonh, Yale University // Marika O'Connor Grant, Maret School
Central America, Cuba // Michael Anthony, American University
Colombia // Cynthia Arevalo, Texas Christian University
Global Financial Integrity // David Chalude, Tufts University // Lauren Citrome, Tufts University // Padden Muhphy, Tufts University // Rachel Brown, Tufts University
Joint Demilitarization Campaign // Rebecca Wage, University of California, Santa Cruz
National Security, Fundraising & Development // Carolyn Wright, American University

Spring 2009

Asia // Elyssa Gage, Pepperdine University
Central America, Cuba // Kate Jordan, Amherst College
Colombia // Matthew McClellan, Amherst College // Stacy Ulmer, Gettysburg College
Cuba // Jonathan Keyser, Suffolk University
Global Financial Integrity // Catherine Donlevie, Hamilton College //  Sirisack Siriphanh, SUNY Cortland
National Security, Fundraising & Development // Courtney Chatterson, Pepperdine University

Fall 2008

Asia // Seher Syed, Hobbart and William Smith Colleges
Central America, Cuba // Maricelle Leon, University of Pittsburgh
Colombia // Anthony Dest, University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill
Fundraising & Development // Ellyn Yakowenko, American University
Global Financial Integrity // Anish Savani, Georgetown University // Devon Cartright-Smith (research associate), Georgetown University // Lauren Kienzle, George Washington University // Mark Bulmer, McGill University
National Security, Fundraising & Development // Velislava Petkova, Johns Hopkins University



Summer 2008

Asia // Abigail Cohen, University of Richmond
Central America // Tessa Vinson, College of William and Mary
Colombia // Stephanie DiBello, Beloit College
Cuba // Eva Silkwood, Baylor University
Global Financial Integrity // Janak Upadhyay, College of Wooster // Rachel Goodermote, Bates College // Rammil Mammadov (research associate), University of Souther Maine
Fundraising & Development // Aya Sakaguchi, Bowdoin College
National Security, Fundraising & Development // Aaron Shapiro, Washington University in St. Louis



Spring 2008

Asia // Dana Buchard, Miami University
Central America // Katherine Brittain, George Washington University
Colombia // Virginia Brown, Colby College
Cuba // Kimberly Silvi, St. Mary's College
Fundraising & Development // Caroline McEaddy, Davidson College
Global Financial Integrity // Andrew Brooks, American University // Patrick Homan, American University
National Security, Fundraising & Development // Vyvy Le, Notre Dame University






Fall 2007

Asia // Kimberly Misher, Brown University
Central America // Andrea Bustard, University of California, San Diego
Colombia // Paul Jurado, Oberlin Colege
Cuba // Malvina de la Canal, American University
Global Financial Integrity // Nadine Olijnk, Rider University
National Security, Fundraising & Development // Megan Mcqueeney, University of California at Santa Barbara

Summer 2007

Spring 2007

Asia // Ashali Singham, Duke University
Central America // Rebecca Offensend,
Claremont McKenna College
Colombia // Gareth Smail, American University
Global Financial Integrity // HeeJin Lee, University of Iowa, College of Law // Monica Stich, Iowa State University
National Security, Fundraising & Development // Anstes Agnew, Stanford University
Operations & Communications // Jessica Barineau,
American University
Asia // Megan Miller, College of the Holy Cross
Central America // Melissa McNulty, Colby College
Colombia // Alessandra Miraglia, University of Wales
Cuba // Jennifer Schuett, Miami University of Ohio
Global Financial Integrity // Tommy Shen,
Georgetown University
National Security, Fundraising & Development // Alexandra Burke, University of Denver

Fall 2006                                                                                        

Summer 2006

Asia // Lourdes Villanueva, California State University
Central America // Revaz Ardesher, University of
California San Diego
Colombia // Mariam Khokhar, American University
Cuba // Vincent Parascandalo, New York University
National Security, Fundraising & Development // Danielle University of Colorado at Boulder
Asia // Aaron Siirila, American University
Central America // Megan Sheehan, University
of Notre Dame
Colombia // Christina Sanabria, Brown University
Cuba // Eli Shindelman, Johns Hopkins University
National Security, Fundraising & Development // Carl Gray, University of the South (Sewanee)