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  • Paris Is a High Point in Obama’s Environmental Quest

    Glenn Hurowitz quoted

    Wall Street Journal, 12-29-15

    “Obama barely lifted a finger to pass strong climate legislation in his first term. He missed the biggest opportunity he had to actually make progress...Read More »

  • Laura Carlsen sheds light on Operation Condor

    Laura Carlsen interviewed

    CCTV America, 12-22-15

    Operation Condor was a coordinated campaign among Latin American dictatorships in the 1970’s and 1980’s. The multi-country collaboration sought to repress forces opposed to their rule. The information they shared led to a multitude of “disappeared" dissidents, torture and death. Recently, the National Security Archive in Washington D.C. released declassified documents that shed new light on the dark days of Operation Condor. Political analyst Laura Carlsen joins “Americas Now” anchor Elaine Reyes to talk more about these documents and the information they reveal about the secret terror network, Operation Condor...Read More »

  • The Most Foolish Initiative I Have Seen In 50 Years

    Harry Blaney

    Financial Times, 11-18-15

    The decision to campaign to leave the EU is one of the most foolish political initiatives I have seen in 50 years as scholar, diplomat and geostrategic policy planner to four secretaries of state...Read More »

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