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  • Episode 42

    Laura Carlsen interviewed

    Counterpunch Radio, 05-23-16

    This week Eric welcomes back to the program Laura Carlsen, director of the Americas Program at the Center for International Policy, to discuss the ongoing disappearances of activists in Mexico, the reassertion of US hegemony in Latin America, and how militarization and free trade are the cornerstones of US imperial power in the region. Eric and Laura begin with an analysis of the recent kidnappings of Mexican activists and the frightening similarities with the infamous Ayotzinapa disappearances of 2014. The conversation then shifts to Central America and Honduras, and the role of Hillary Clinton and the US in that country. Eric and Laura also discuss how the Trans-Pacific Partnership and privatization are at the heart of much of the negative developments in the Americas, and how this drive is connected to geopolitical and strategic considerations. All this and much more in this wide-ranging conversation...Read More »

  • A Military Budget for a New World

    William D. Hartung

    The New York Times, 05-13-16

    Your editorial makes an essential point: The Pentagon has more than enough funding, if only it would spend its resources more wisely. In addition to trimming the F-35, scaling back the administration’s $1 trillion nuclear weapons modernization plan, and cutting excess military bases, the Pentagon should dramatically reduce its use of private contractors....Read More »

  • The U.S. peanut donations to Haiti don’t look good

    Matt Balitsaris

    The Washington Post, 05-04-16

    Regarding the May 2 letter, “U.S. peanuts save lives in Haiti”: The peanut dump is more about unloading surplus U.S. peanuts than bolstering food security in Haiti...Read More »