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Stop the Rush to Bomb Iraq; Demand a vote before any bombs fall!

06-26-14 | Alert

Help stop the rush to war: email your Representative today!... Read More »

Tell the Senate to end the war in Afghanistan

05-05-14 | Alert

With no military solution to the challenges in Afghanistan, it’s long past time to bring our troops home... Read More »

Shine a Light on the U.S. Drone War

04-11-14 | Alert

Tell your Representative that we need the truth about drones... Read More »

Tell Congress to stop wasting money on the F-35

03-29-14 | Alert

The F-35 is the poster child for what’s wrong in our nation’s capital. At an outrageous cost of $1.5 trillion, it is the most expensive weapon program the world has ever seen... Read More »

Oppose U.S. Military Intervention in Syria

09-04-13 | Alert, Petition

Call your Member of Congress today and tell them that only a political solution will end the suffering in Syria... Read More »

Remove Cuba from the Terrorist List

02-12-13 | Petition

Join us in petitioning to get Cuba off the Terrorist List... Read More »

Tell Congress: No War with Iran

09-14-12 | Alert

Join us in telling Congress "No" to a war of choice with Iran... Read More »

Support Diplomacy and Oppose War of Choice in Iran

04-06-12 |

Join us in fostering diplomacy over war in Iran... Read More »

Open NDAA: Shine a Light on the Defense Budget

04-03-12 | Petition

Join us in petitioning for transparency in the Defense Budget.... Read More »

Tell President Obama: Stop Deadly Gun Smuggling to Mexico

09-27-11 | Petition

Join us, LAWG and others in saying enough is enough. Now is the time to tell President Obama to stop gun smuggling in Mexico. ... Read More »

End Tax Haven Secrecy

09-27-11 | Alert

Join us in calling on the G20 to end tax haven secrecy. ... Read More »

EMERGENCY ACTION: Tell President Obama to Stop Opposing Efforts to Address Tax Haven Secrecy!

09-22-11 | Alert

We've just learned that the world’s most powerful countries may be about to renege on their pledges to help developing nations fight massive tax dodging by multinationals.... Read More »