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Win Without War: Budget Deal Encourages More Pentagon Waste

by Stephen Miles


Win Without War Director Stephen Miles released the following statement regarding the recently announced budget deal:... Read More »

CIP Launches Foreign Influence Transparency Initiative

by CIP


... Read More »

William Hartung - Divest from the War Machine Summit

by William D. Hartung


William Hartung (Center for International Policy) speaks at CODEPINK's Divest from the War Machine summit, 10/21/2017... Read More »

Lebanon: Russia's New Outpost in the Middle East?

Security Assistance Monitor quoted


After gaining naval and air bases in Syria, Russia may now be setting its sights on Lebanon... Read More »

OPINION: War and Poverty

Stephen Miles quoted


It’s so easy to paper over the real American security void with verbiage about strength vs. weakness and the endless need to upgrade the military... Read More »

The Mueller Investigation Has Shown That the Policing of Foreign Lobbying Is a Joke

Ben Freeman quoted


But it’s going to take much more than the special counsel to rein in the shadowy, freewheeling industry... Read More »

GOP-Nunes Memo Part of Unfolding Constitutional Crisis

Melvin A. Goodman interviewed


Interview with Mel Goodman, former Soviet analyst at the CIA and State Department, author and senior fellow at the National Security Project at the Center for International Policy, conducted by Scott Harris... Read More »

The Pentagon Wants to Spend $1.7 Trillion Over the Next 30 Years

William D. Hartung interviewed


Senator Bernie Sanders, CIP's Bill Hartung, and National Priorities Project's Lindsay Koshgarian speak the truth about the Pentagon budget.... Read More »

What FISA Courts Are & Activist Jerry Rubin LISTENDOWNLOADOPEN IN ITUNES

Melvin A. Goodman interviewed


Late last week, Republican Devin Nunes memo has been declassified. Today, The House Intelligence Committee vote on whether to release an opposing-Democratic memo... Read More »

“Perpetual War” a presentation and discussion with William Hartung

01-24-18 | On Wednesday, Jan. 24, at 7 p.m. at the First Congressional Church

With the current political climate creating a perpetual raincloud around our heads and our social media feeds, it can be hard to get out of that hopeless mindset. Even though it seems as though there is nothing that you can do to help, the Kalamazoo Nonviolent Opponents of War (KNOW) are providing some solutions for the Kalamazoo community. On Wednesday, Jan. 24, at 7 p.m. at the First Congressional Church, KNOW will be hosting a presentation and discussion with author William Hartung titled, “Perpetual War: Massive Human and Economic Costs of the Corporate Grip on the Pentagon Budget.”... Read More »

At the Turning Point: Economics, Security, and American Politics

11-13-17 | November 13, 2017 1100 New York Ave, NW, Washington, DC 20005 Suite 200 East, 2nd floor, east tower

Economists for Peace and Security will hold its 10th annual policy Symposium in Washington DC on November 13, 2017, to discuss economics, and American politics as well as the economic dimensions of current critical security issues. The program will feature three panels of senior specialists who will present the elements of a program to address the most fundamental issues animating American political discourse... Read More »

"Whistleblower at the CIA" Author Talk and Book Signing

11-07-17 | East City BOokshop

Join CIP Senior Fellow Melvin Goodman at East City Bookshop for a rare insider's account of America's intelligence community.... Read More »