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A Message from CIP's Board Chair

John O. Niles III


Dear Center for International Policy friends and supporters,

We are witnessing the end of an era. On January 20, President Barack Obama concluded his term of office, having governed with civility and compassion, rationality and restraint. And our very own Bill Goodfellow decided – long before the conclusion of the terrifying Presidential election – that he will step down as the Center for International Policy’s longtime executive director.

Under Bill’s principled leadership over the past 42 years, the Center for International Policy (CIP) has shaped some of the country’s most important foreign policy debates and decisions. CIP is one of the few truly independent advocates for progressive, just and non-military solutions to the world’s problems.

As we prepare to bid farewell to Bill, we celebrate that he has been not only a founder and director of CIP, but also a passionate advocate for peace and human rights. For the past two score years, Bill has conducted a spirited, relentless, and effective campaign to advance foreign policy based on the principle of war as a last resort.

Bill has a talent for recruiting distinguished experts and diplomats and providing them an influential platform to participate in Washington’s foreign policy discourse. By collaborating with them, he has amplified and extended CIP’s message into the corridors of power in Washington. Bill uses all the resources he has at hand – analyzing, speaking, writing, educating, encouraging, cajoling, and always inspiring. He has cultivated peer networks and organizations, generously sharing insights and contacts, and has mentored new generations of peace and human rights advocates. His buoyant optimism is happily contagious. 

At this critical moment in history, CIP is searching for a new ED who will carry on and strengthen CIP’s mission to promote peaceful cooperation, transparency and accountability in global relations. We search for the next CIP leader with a renewed sense of urgency so CIP can continue to fight the good fight, in partnership with our allies and friends.

With the help of several generous donors, CIP has engaged Koya Leadership Partners to work with the Search Committee of the Board to identify and recruit its next Executive Director. Koya invites interested parties to learn more about this opportunity by visiting its website: We ask for your input throughout the transition period and continued generous financial support. If you have any referrals or recommendations, please send them to Anne McCarthy at Koya Partners,

Bill is leaving at the top of his game. We are proud of his legacy and will greatly miss him as CIP’s executive director. Once a new leader takes the helm, we will alert you to plans to celebrate and recognize Bill’s achievements.

With appreciation, 

John Oliver Niles, Chair, Center for International Policy Board of Directors

On behalf of the entire Center for International Policy Board of Directors


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