Press Room: Press Releases



John Niles, the Center for International Policy’s board chair, has announced that I will be stepping down as executive director.  After 42 years, I need a change and I believe CIP will benefit from a leader with new ideas and new energy.  With Donald Trump in the White House, we face enormous challenges and we will have to dramatically ramp up our activities to respond to what I believe is the greatest threat to world peace since the end of World War II.

Our board has retained Koya Leadership Partners, a national search firm, to conduct a search for CIP’s next executive director.  We hope that he or she will be able to start sometime in May.

Although I will no longer by CIP’s executive director, I am not leaving the fight.  I intend to organize a coalition of American, European and Japanese peace groups similar to the Financial Transparency Coalition, a model of effective global advocacy that we launched a decade ago.  Even a nation as powerful as the United States does not go to war alone, so it is imperative that peace groups from the most important U.S. allies come together to prevent the Trump administration from dragging us into wars in the Middle East, Asia and elsewhere. 

I hope to continue to be affiliated with the Center for International Policy and will be working closely with all of CIP’s national security programs.  This spring, I will travel to Europe and Asia to meet with peace groups as well as institutional funders to test the viability of the peace coalition/alliance idea.

I am extremely proud of the work that CIP’s programs have done over the past four decades and the work we are doing today as we scramble to respond to the Trump administration’s unprecedented threats to the environment, human rights and world peace. 

I deeply appreciate your friendship and support look forward to working and staying in touch with all of you as we confront the greatest challenges we have faced in our lifetimes.