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  • Win Without War: Budget Deal Encourages More Pentagon Waste

    by Stephen Miles

    Common Dreams | 02-09-18

    Win Without War Director Stephen Miles released the following statement regarding the recently announced budget deal:...Read More »

  • CIP Launches Foreign Influence Transparency Initiative

    by CIP


    ...Read More »

  • William Hartung - Divest from the War Machine Summit

    by William D. Hartung

    Code Pink | 11-14-17

    William Hartung (Center for International Policy) speaks at CODEPINK's Divest from the War Machine summit, 10/21/2017...Read More »

  • CIP Announces Salih Booker as New Executive Director

    by CIP


    (Washington) – The Center for International Policy (CIP) has chosen Salih Booker as its new executive director to succeed William Goodfellow beginning September 1, 2017...Read More »

  • Solving Climate Change, Trump or No Trump

    by Glenn Hurowitz


    Donald Trump’s rejection of the Paris agreement is one of the most irresponsible steps ever taken by an American leader. The United States should be leading the charge for climate action instead of engaging in a hysterical and dishonest ployundercut progress. As reckless as Trump’s action is, however, it doesn’t need to be the end of climate action...Read More »


    by CIP

    Charity Navigator | 06-01-17

    The Center for International Policy’s strong financial health and commitment to accountability and transparency have once again earned it a 4-star rating from Charity Navigator, America’s largest independent charity evaluator...Read More »

  • Memorandum



    John Niles, the Center for International Policy’s board chair, has announced that I will be stepping down as executive director. After 42 years, I need a change and I believe CIP will benefit from a leader with new ideas and new energy. With Donald Trump in the White House, we face enormous challenges and we will have to dramatically ramp up our activities to respond to what I believe is the greatest threat to world peace since the end of World War II...Read More »

  • A Message from CIP's Board Chair

    by John O. Niles III


    We are witnessing the end of an era. On January 20, President Barack Obama concluded his term of office, having governed with civility and compassion, rationality and restraint. And our very own Bill Goodfellow decided – long before the conclusion of the terrifying Presidential election – that he will step down as the Center for International Policy’s longtime executive director...Read More »

  • The US Does Right at the UN

    by Elizabeth Newhouse


    The surprising vote by the United States this week to abstain from the annual UN resolution denouncing the U.S. embargo on Cuba reaffirmed to the world the Obama Administration’s resolve to repair relations with Cuba. The abstention—the first such U.S. vote in 25 years—made it clear that even though bound by law to uphold the embargo, this administration regards it as outmoded, counterproductive, and in need of repeal...Read More »

  • An Open Letter to Congress

    by CIP, Win Without War


    As you consider the Pentagon’s budget request for fiscal year 2017, the undersigned groups appreciate your consideration of the following options for savings to comply with the spending caps put in place by the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015...Read More »

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