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  • Invest in a better future for our children

    William D. Hartung quoted

    South Bend Tribune | 06-05-16

    The Pentagon has essentially thrown away $17 billion in inefficient spending in Afghanistan, $7 billion on unneeded equipment, and a whopping $1 trillion on the F-35 fighter jet — which is years behind schedule, billions over budget, and riddled with technical problems — according to a report by William Hartung, director of the Arms and Security Project...Read More »

  • Not Much Bang for the Buck

    William D. Hartung quoted

    The Trumpet | 06-01-16

    In February this year, the Center for International Policy published a report by William D. Hartung outlining more than $33 billion in waste in just 27 instances since President Barack Obama took office. The report is focused narrowly on waste. It doesn’t include expenses like the $360 million spent on weight-loss surgery for servicemen’s families, which would hardly seem to enhance the nation’s fighting ability...Read More »

  • Slush funds, secrets and splurges: How Pentagon budgets keep getting bigger

    William D. Hartung quoted

    RT | 05-31-16

    The problem is how the money is being spent – and the Pentagon’s utter lack of accountability, according to William Hartung, director of the Arms and Security Project at the Center for International Policy. He suggests the DOD’s inability to pass an audit is a result of deliberate obfuscation...Read More »

  • Public Comment- Saudi Arabia & 9/11

    William D. Hartung quoted

    Berkeley Daily Planet | 04-22-16

    As William Hartung, senior adviser to the Security Assistance Monitor opinioned “We should not be trading Saudi friendship for cluster bombs (banned by international law).” ...Read More »

  • Tunisia’s Getting More Guns Than Democracy

    Seth Binder quoted

    Foreign Policy | 04-21-16

    “The [nearly] $100 million budget request is not the total amount going to Tunisia,” said Seth Binder, an analyst at the Security Assistance Monitor. “There are other pots of money going around used to finance militaries abroad,” like the shadowy Counterterrorism Partnerships Fund (CTPF), a Defense Department funding program to train and equip foreign militaries to combat terrorist activities...Read More »

  • The Un-Freedom Agenda

    Seth Binder quoted

    Foreign Policy | 04-20-16

    Over the course of Issoufou’s first term, U.S. security assistance to Niger has climbed from just under $400,000 in 2011 to $41 million in 2016, according to Seth Binder, a specialist on U.S. military aid at the Center for International Policy’s Security Assistance Monitor, which tracks the funding streams that accompany the projection of U.S. military power abroad...Read More »

  • Saudi-U.S. Tensions Haven’t Slowed Obama’s Weapons Spigot

    William D. Hartung quoted

    Vocativ | 04-20-16

    “The White House claims these sales are going to stabilize the region, but it’s the opposite,” William Hartung, a senior adviser to the Security Assistance Monitor, a watchdog group, told Vocativ. “The idea that you can reassure the GCC with more weapons makes no sense. It’s a huge mistake.”...Read More »

  • After We Audit the Pentagon, Maybe We Should Audit the Audit

    William D. Hartung quoted

    Hit and Run Blog | 04-19-16

    For a brief history of Pentagon waste, read William Hartung's look at the issue here. The military's ongoing inability to audit itself "may be spectacularly bad bookkeeping," Hartung writes, "but it's great for defense firms, which profit all the more in an environment of minimal accountability." Funny how that works out...Read More »

  • Obama Went From Condemning Saudis for Abuses to Arming Them to the Teeth

    William D. Hartung quoted

    The Intercept | 04-19-16

    “Many Americans would be surprised to learn that his administration has brokered more arms deals than any administration of the past 70 years, Republican or Democratic,” said William Hartung, a senior adviser to Secure Assistance Monitor, a progressive group that tracks arms sales...Read More »

  • How Panama became a tax haven to the world

    Jack Blum quoted

    USA Today | 04-10-16

    "I've been screaming about it for decades," said Jack Blum, an attorney and former U.S. Senate staffer who focused on international tax evasion...Read More »

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