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  • What Is the US Military Trying to Hide About Its Missions in Africa?

    William D. Hartung quoted

    The Nation | 06-23-16

    “Congress and the public need to know about US military operations overseas, regardless of what euphemism is used to describe them,” says William Hartung, a senior adviser to the Security Assistance Monitor which tracks American military aid around the globe. “Calling something a ‘security cooperation activity’ doesn’t change the fact that US troops are working directly with foreign military forces.”...Read More »

  • Treatment of immigrants in Mexico much worse than any other country

    Laura Carlsen quoted

    USA Today | 06-15-16

    Laura Carlsen, director of the Americas Program at the Center for International Policy, said the plight of Central Americans fleeing violence back home "has revealed a deep vein of hypocrisy among Mexican politicians, who rightfully criticize the U.S. for its treatment of Mexican migrants as criminals and then do the same to migrants in this country."...Read More »

  • US Making a Deadly Mistake in Afghanistan, Says Former Diplomat

    Matthew Hoh interviewed

    TeleSUR | 06-11-16

    “The renewed airstrikes against the Taliban in Afghanistan will have the same effect as the thousands and thousands of previous airstrikes we have conducted against the Afghan insurgency,” said Matthew Hoh, a former U.S. diplomat in Afghanistan who resigned from his post in 2009 to protest the war...Read More »

  • Neoliberal Think Tank Report Reveals ‘Blueprint’ For US Empire Under Hillary Clinton

    William D. Hartung quoted

    MintPress News | 06-07-16

    William Hartung, director of the Arms and Security Project at the Center for International Policy, suggested the CNAS report was intended as “a transition memo for Hillary Clinton” in the event that she’s elected in November...Read More »

  • Invest in a better future for our children

    William D. Hartung quoted

    South Bend Tribune | 06-05-16

    The Pentagon has essentially thrown away $17 billion in inefficient spending in Afghanistan, $7 billion on unneeded equipment, and a whopping $1 trillion on the F-35 fighter jet — which is years behind schedule, billions over budget, and riddled with technical problems — according to a report by William Hartung, director of the Arms and Security Project...Read More »

  • Not Much Bang for the Buck

    William D. Hartung quoted

    The Trumpet | 06-01-16

    In February this year, the Center for International Policy published a report by William D. Hartung outlining more than $33 billion in waste in just 27 instances since President Barack Obama took office. The report is focused narrowly on waste. It doesn’t include expenses like the $360 million spent on weight-loss surgery for servicemen’s families, which would hardly seem to enhance the nation’s fighting ability...Read More »

  • Slush funds, secrets and splurges: How Pentagon budgets keep getting bigger

    William D. Hartung quoted

    RT | 05-31-16

    The problem is how the money is being spent – and the Pentagon’s utter lack of accountability, according to William Hartung, director of the Arms and Security Project at the Center for International Policy. He suggests the DOD’s inability to pass an audit is a result of deliberate obfuscation...Read More »

  • Deficit expert says Pentagon hides true extent of Military Spending

    William D. Hartung interviewed

    88.5 WMNF | 05-28-16

    Our first guest on Radioactivity Thursday said that the Pentagon is deliberately try to shield the true extent of our military budget from the public. He was William Hartung who is the Director of the Arms and Security Project at the Center for International Policy. He’s also the author of the book PROPHETS OF WAR: Lockhead Martin and the Making of the Military Industrial Complex...Read More »

  • Episode 42

    Laura Carlsen interviewed

    Counterpunch Radio | 05-23-16

    This week Eric welcomes back to the program Laura Carlsen, director of the Americas Program at the Center for International Policy, to discuss the ongoing disappearances of activists in Mexico, the reassertion of US hegemony in Latin America, and how militarization and free trade are the cornerstones of US imperial power in the region. Eric and Laura begin with an analysis of the recent kidnappings of Mexican activists and the frightening similarities with the infamous Ayotzinapa disappearances of 2014. The conversation then shifts to Central America and Honduras, and the role of Hillary Clinton and the US in that country. Eric and Laura also discuss how the Trans-Pacific Partnership and privatization are at the heart of much of the negative developments in the Americas, and how this drive is connected to geopolitical and strategic considerations. All this and much more in this wide-ranging conversation...Read More »

  • A Military Budget for a New World

    William D. Hartung

    The New York Times | 05-13-16

    Your editorial makes an essential point: The Pentagon has more than enough funding, if only it would spend its resources more wisely. In addition to trimming the F-35, scaling back the administration’s $1 trillion nuclear weapons modernization plan, and cutting excess military bases, the Pentagon should dramatically reduce its use of private contractors....Read More »

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