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  • Tackling Corruption in the Global Arms Trade


    As the Trump Administration seeks record U.S. arms sales and renewed military engagement in places such as Afghanistan, there are increased risks of corruption undermining U.S. foreign policy and national security goals. Globally, the arms trade is highly prone to corruption, and there have been several high-profile cases in U.S. courts of bribery in the defense sector. While U.S. law enforcement is increasing its efforts under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, it appears U.S. regulators are weakening some key anti-corruption measures. This will put extra pressure on the U.S. officials and companies that are attempting to address domestic and foreign corruption as well as to ensure weapons transfers are not diverted to criminal or terrorist organizations. Experts with experience in U.S. export enforcement, tracking the U.S. and global arms trade and corruption, and U.S. military engagement in Afghanistan will discuss these challenges and trends. They will also offer new recommendations on what can be done to counter corruption in the arms trade... Read More »

  • Celebrate the Renewal and Legacy of CIP


    Join us as we bid farewell to William Goodfellow and welcome new CIP executive Director, Salih Booker during a time when progressive foreign policy ideas are urgently needed.... Read More »