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Strengthening ties among citizens' organizations and movements within and between Latin America and the United States to increase their overall impact.

Americas Program

The Americas Program seeks to change U.S. foreign and domestic policies that contribute to poverty and conflict in Latin America, and build relations based on the principles of mutual respect, self-determination, equality and peace. We work to strengthen ties among citizens' organizations and movements within and between Latin America and the United States to increase their overall impact.

With more than 30 years of experience in Latin American news and analysis, the Americas Program is a leading source of information for activists, academics, policymakers and citizens concerned about U.S. foreign policy toward Latin America and movements for social justice within the hemisphere.

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Lessons From the Costa Rican Elections

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Apr-08-2014 | Article

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El Chapo Capture: What Happens When the Kingpin Falls?

By Laura Carlsen

Mar-06-2014 | Article

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A Cyber Invasion- How the NSA Infiltrated Mexico’s Computers

By Laura Carlsen

Jan-19-2014 |

NSA internal information provided by former security consultant and whistleblower Edward Snowden shows that Mexico features prominently as a target for massive U.S. espionage... Read More »

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