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Bringing an end to the futile fifty-year effort to isolate Cuba.

The Cuba Project seeks to bring an end to the futile fifty-year effort to isolate Cuba, and to bring us a few steps closer to the day when these two neighbors, united by history and geography, can have normal diplomatic relations. The United States’ policy toward Cuba is one of the last vestiges of the Cold War, and our policy toward Cuba is now not only obsolete but actually counterproductive in terms of real U.S. interests and objectives.

Among the areas the Cuba Project has identified where the United States and Cuba can cooperate to the benefit of both are defending against hurricanes and protecting the Gulf of Mexico. In addition, the project strongly supports liberalized travel to Cuba as another significant avenue for engagement. We expect that the demonstrable benefits to both nations of such engagement and cooperation will encourage leaders in the United States and Cuba to move further in this direction.

A Sustainable, Just and Peaceful World


Dec-09-2013 | Report

Find out how CIP can make a difference in facing some of the world's largest problems... Read More »

It's All in the Details: U.S. Regulatory Changes Can Get Americans Traveling to Cuba Again

By Robert L Muse

Dec-04-2013 | Policy Brief

Following the termination of consular services by the Cuban Interests Section, Muse outlines what can be done to help alleviate the current banking crisis the Interests Section is facing... Read More »

Hurricane Sandy in Santiago, Cuba: Heeding Lessons for the Next Disaster

By Elizabeth Newhouse

Nov-04-2013 | Policy Brief

Hurricane Sandy devastated Santiago de Cuba just as it did communities in New York and New Jersey. To inspect the damage and reconstruction a year later—as part of CIP’s series on disaster preparedness and response—CIP's Cuba Project led a delegation of disaster experts to affected areas... Read More »

Continuing Shame in the Case of the Cuban Five

By Wayne Smith

Oct-17-2013 | Article

The case of the Cuban Five serves as a blight on the standing of U.S. justice according to Smith... Read More »

After Chávez, a Chance to Rethink Relations With Cuba

By Robert White

Mar-07-2013 | Article

The death of Hugo Chávez presents an opportunity to rekindle the U.S. relationship with Latin American countries. Cuba can then become a "multilateral challenge" if both Americas can work together to instigate Cuban democratic reform... Read More »

Time is Ripe For a New Approach to Cuba

By Michael Barnes

Mar-04-2013 | Article

Collaborating with Cuba to form agreements on energy production that will benefit both countries' interests may yield patched relations in the long-run... Read More »

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Oil Drilling Off Cuba's North Coast

May-10-12 | The Carnegie Endowment for International Peace Choate Room 1779 Massachusetts Avenue, NW Washington, DC 20036

This conference will discuss the status of U.S.-Cuba engagement and cooperation on oil development in the Gulf of Mexico and what measures have been adopted in both countries to prevent and respond to major spills.... Read More »

A Discussion with Stephen Kimber on his new Book, and the Flawed Trial of the Cuban 5

Apr-18-12 | University of California Washington Center 1608 Rhode Island Ave., NW Washington, D.C.

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