La Segunda Revolución Verde

By Glenn Hurowitz

Sep-10-2015 |

Colombia has a major opportunity to grow economically without sacrificing its extraordinary forests, wetlands, and savannah. ... Read More »

Military Spending In Pennsylvania

By William D. Hartung

Sep-08-2015 | Report

Pennsylvania ranked 8th among all U.S. states in terms of Pentagon awards during FY2014, receiving a total of $10.4 billion. Comparatively, it received $10.2 billion in FY2013. It received $815 in contract awards per capita in FY2014, ranking 17th in the country. As Pennsylvania’s GDP (BEA) was $640 billion in FY 2013, the most recent year for which state GDP figures are available, DoD contracts accounted for approximately 1.6% of Pennsylvania’s GDP in 2013.... Read More »

Water Wars

By Tom Barry

Aug-10-2015 | Report

The Mexican border state of Sonora is expanding its hydraulic society in the face of climate change, an escalating water crisis, and indigenous opposition... Read More »

Post-Coup Leader in Burkina Faso Helped Steer U.S. Military Exercises

By Colby Goodman

Sep-18-2015 | Article

The post-coup military leader of Burkina Faso steered Burkina Faso's participation in a major U.S. counterterrorism training exercise, according to the Defense Department's Africa Command website.... Read More »

Guest Column: Congress Must Approve Iran Nuclear Deal

By Michael Barnes, Wayne Gilchrest

Aug-31-2015 | Article

Two former Maryland members of Congress call on Barbara Mikulski and Ben Cardin to support the Iran deal... Read More »

Lifting Cuba Trade Embargo Is Good Business

By Michael Barnes

Aug-23-2015 | Article

Americans increasingly support lifting the trade embargo with Cuba, so what's the holdup?... Read More »

Recent Posts from our Blogs

40th Anniversary Dinner

Oct-09-15 | Mayflower Hotel

CIP is celebrating 40 years of advancing sustainability, justice and peace. Join us for a commemorative dinner in Washington, D.C. at the historic Mayflower Renaissance Hotel... Read More »

September 9 Open Government Town Hall – Foreign Aid and Security Assistance Transparency

Sep-09-15 | POGO's Conference Room (1100 G St, NW, Suite 500-- entrance on 11th Street across from Metro Center). Call-in options available.

Dynamic speakers will engage in a lively discussion about government and civil society initiatives underway to make available information on foreign aid and security assistance, and impediments that remain for the public to access such information... Read More »

A Discussion on Citizen Security and the Way Forward

Sep-08-15 | Center for International Policy 2000 M Street NW Conference Room A (located in the basement) Washington, DC 20036

What's the best way forward for citizen security in Central America? Guatemala, Honduras and most recently El Salvador have all turned to their troops to provide domestic security. Advocates of this tactic highlight that the general population often supports deploying the armed forces and say the presence of soldiers deters violence in the short-term. Opponents point to increased human rights abuses carried out by troops and say it is ultimately ineffective in improving long-term security.... Read More »

CIP in the Press
  • Letter to the Editor

    Christian Freymeyer

    Washington Post, 09-21-15

    We decided to write a Letter to the Editor (LTE) to alert the paper to our concerns, but it seems, despite the news industry’s embracing of online content, letters to the editor remain a bit behind the times. We were told by the Post that LTEs can only be submitted for articles that appear in the print edition. So, in lieu of a LTE, we decided to do the next best thing and post our response here...Read More »

  • Republicans on Defense: Breathing Fire or Blowing Smoke?

    William D. Hartung

    Huffington Post, 09-19-15

    Bill Hartung's take on the CNN debate, addressing Trump's empty rhetoric, Fiorina's costly Pentagon spending plans, the slight differences among the candidates on how to deal with the Iran nuclear deal, a few positive words for Rand Paul, and a call for John Kasich to go back to his roots as a waste-buster and (occasional) critic of needless big ticket items...Read More »

  • Coalition Calls for Undecided Democrats to Support the Iran Agreement

    Win Without War


    Senator Mikulski’s announcement marks a key milestone toward securing this diplomatic victory, but it is now incumbent upon undecided Democrats to support the deal and avoid forcing the President to veto a Congressional resolution of disapproval....Read More »