Military Spending In Maryland

By William D. Hartung

Oct-21-2015 | Report

Maryland is 4th in the country in Pentagon prime contract awards, receiving over $13.5 billion in FY 2014. It is 4th in the country for in contract awards per capita, with $2,260 being awarded per person in the state. Prime Pentagon spending accounted for 4.2% of Maryland’s overall GDP in FY 2014.... Read More »

Pentagon Spending in Tennessee

By William D. Hartung

Oct-05-2015 | Report

Tennessee is 37th in the country in Pentagon prime contract awards, receiving $1.24 billion in FY2014 (USASpending). It received $190 in Pentagon awards per capita in FY2014 and ranked 48th in per capita awards relative to other states. Comparatively, Tennessee received $1.23 billion in FY2013 (USASpending). With a GDP of $300.6 billion in FY2014, DoD contracts accounted for approximately .41% of Tennessee’s GDP (Bureau of Economic Analysis).... Read More »

Pentagon Spending in Connecticut

By William D. Hartung

Oct-05-2015 | Report

Connecticut is 5th in the country in Pentagon prime contract awards, receiving $13.2 billion in FY2014. It is 3rd in the country for contract awards per capita, at $3,693. Prime Pentagon spending accounted for 5.7% of Connecticut’s overall GDP in 2014.... Read More »

New Book Assesses State of 'America's War Machine' Five Decades After Ike's Speech

By William D. Hartung

Nov-23-2015 | Article

The McCartneys' book provides a crisp, clear analysis of the state of the MIC more than 50 years after Eisenhower and his advisors coined the term. The authors deploy dozens of examples to make their case that unfortunately, the MIC is alive and well, with an outsized role in determining not only how much to spend on the Pentagon, but also on whether the country is at war or at peace... Read More »

Merchants of Menace: How US Arms Sales are Fueling Middle East Wars

By William D. Hartung

Nov-20-2015 | Article

The majority of the Obama administration’s major arms sales have gone to the Middle East and Persian Gulf, with Saudi Arabia topping the list with over $49 billion in new agreements. This is particularly troubling given the complex array of conflicts raging throughout the region, and given the Saudi regime’s use of U.S.-supplied weaponry in its military intervention in Yemen... Read More »

News Flash: Bomber Lobby Wants More Bombers

By William D. Hartung

Nov-20-2015 | Article

The ink is barely dry on the Air Force's press release announcing the selection of Northrop Grumman as the prime contractor to build 100 new bombers, and the bomber lobby is already pushing to double that amount... Read More »

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