Military Spending In Maryland

By William D. Hartung

Oct-21-2015 | Report

Maryland is 4th in the country in Pentagon prime contract awards, receiving over $13.5 billion in FY 2014. It is 4th in the country for in contract awards per capita, with $2,260 being awarded per person in the state. Prime Pentagon spending accounted for 4.2% of Maryland’s overall GDP in FY 2014.... Read More »

Pentagon Spending in Tennessee

By William D. Hartung

Oct-05-2015 | Report

Tennessee is 37th in the country in Pentagon prime contract awards, receiving $1.24 billion in FY2014 (USASpending). It received $190 in Pentagon awards per capita in FY2014 and ranked 48th in per capita awards relative to other states. Comparatively, Tennessee received $1.23 billion in FY2013 (USASpending). With a GDP of $300.6 billion in FY2014, DoD contracts accounted for approximately .41% of Tennessee’s GDP (Bureau of Economic Analysis).... Read More »

Pentagon Spending in Connecticut

By William D. Hartung

Oct-05-2015 | Report

Connecticut is 5th in the country in Pentagon prime contract awards, receiving $13.2 billion in FY2014. It is 3rd in the country for contract awards per capita, at $3,693. Prime Pentagon spending accounted for 5.7% of Connecticut’s overall GDP in 2014.... Read More »

An Indefensible Budget Deal

By William D. Hartung

Oct-27-2015 | Article

The Pentagon doesn't deserve more money from Congress in the debt ceiling deal.... Read More »

Defense Veto Opens Door to Ending Pentagon Slush Fund

By William D. Hartung

Oct-26-2015 | Article

President Obama's veto of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) last week is a positive step towards imposing long overdue discipline on the Pentagon budget. In vetoing the bill, he noted that it "fails to authorize funding for our national security in a fiscally responsible manner." This was a not-so-veiled reference to the fact that the bill relied on a budget gimmick - a multi-billion dollar Pentagon slush fund that violates the caps on Pentagon spending established in current law. For this reason alone, the veto deserves to be upheld.... Read More »

Obama to Host President of World's Biggest Climate Backslider


Oct-25-2015 | Article

When the Indonesian president visits Washington this week, Obama will be playing host to a world leader among the top ranks of climate polluters... Read More »

September 9 Open Government Town Hall – Foreign Aid and Security Assistance Transparency

Sep-09-15 | POGO's Conference Room (1100 G St, NW, Suite 500-- entrance on 11th Street across from Metro Center). Call-in options available.

Dynamic speakers will engage in a lively discussion about government and civil society initiatives underway to make available information on foreign aid and security assistance, and impediments that remain for the public to access such information... Read More »

A Discussion on Citizen Security and the Way Forward

Sep-08-15 | Center for International Policy 2000 M Street NW Conference Room A (located in the basement) Washington, DC 20036

What's the best way forward for citizen security in Central America? Guatemala, Honduras and most recently El Salvador have all turned to their troops to provide domestic security. Advocates of this tactic highlight that the general population often supports deploying the armed forces and say the presence of soldiers deters violence in the short-term. Opponents point to increased human rights abuses carried out by troops and say it is ultimately ineffective in improving long-term security.... Read More »