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Our North Korea work consists mostly of analysis by Selig Harrison on a variety of issues, including nuclear disarmament and reunification.

Report to Supporters Spring 2014

By Bill Goodfellow

May-19-2014 | Report

2014 has been a successful year so far with major advances in reshaping defense spending, curbing tax evasion and advancing awareness on global climate change... Read More »

A Sustainable, Just and Peaceful World


Dec-09-2013 | Report

Find out how CIP can make a difference in facing some of the world's largest problems... Read More »

Turning a Corner


Jul-01-2013 | Report

It is easy to be overwhelmed by the enormity of the challenges facing our world today. Wars in the Middle East, Asia and Africa, climate chaos due to global warming and the widening gap between the super-rich and everyone else engender a sense of hopelessness... Read More »

Three Leadership Steps for Peace in Korea

By Charles Knight

Apr-15-2013 | Article

Charles Knight recalls the Cold War era Soviet threat and points out Kim Jong Un's youth and vulnerability and Chinese interests to recommend 3 strategy platforms the Obama administration should use to handle North Korean aggression... Read More »

Playing Nice with North Korea

By Selig S. Harrison

Apr-15-2011 | Article

North Korea can make concessions to a visiting ex-president without losing face. This was dramatically illustrated ... Read More »

A Futile Message to Pyongyang

By Selig S. Harrison

Mar-04-2011 | Article

South Korea's air force has been dropping balloons with leaflets into North Korea describing the struggle to oust ... Read More »

Towards Transparency: Making the Global Financial System Work for Development

Oct-01-13 | Dar es Salaam

Illicit financial flows are one of the leading, and most under-appreciated, causes of poverty in the developing world... Read More »

Tackling the Shadow Financial System: A Working Plan for the G20

Oct-06-11 | Cercle National des Armées

Speakers and panelists at this year’s conference addressed the implications of and solutions to the shadow financial system... Read More »

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