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Whistleblower at the CIA

by Melvin A. Goodman

February 2017 | Book

Mel Goodman will be lecturing at the University of North Carolina on October 3rd and at Yale University on October 17th. His book "Whistleblower at the CIA" will be published February 2017 and is posted on for advance sale. See more at Read More »

Israel Gives Up Little to Get Largest Ever U.S. Arms Deal

by Seth Binder

LobeLog, September 2016 | Article

After pushing off negotiations until the Iran deal concluded, Netanyahu has “settled” for the largest military aid package to any country in the history of U.S. security assistance. The deal will provide Israel $38 billion over ten years starting in 2019. Although the record deal does contain some significant Israeli concessions compared to the last agreement, little is likely to change... Read More »

How Did a Nuclear Warhead End Up Lying in a Ditch in Arkansas?

by William D. Hartung

The Nation, September 2016 | Article

The documentary Command and Control shows just how horrifyingly vulnerable we are to errors involving nuclear weapons. The question is not just whether Donald Trump or Kim Jong-un can be trusted with nuclear weapons; it is whether it is safe for any nation to possess them at all... Read More »

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An Open Letter to Congress

by CIP, Win Without War


As you consider the Pentagon’s budget request for fiscal year 2017, the undersigned groups appreciate your consideration of the following options for savings to comply with the spending caps put in place by the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015... Read More »

Coalition: Implementation of Iran Deal and Prisoner Release A Big Win For Diplomac

by Win Without War


The Win Without War coalition applauded today’s announcement that the nuclear agreement with Iran has successfully shrunk Iran’s nuclear program and that the Iranian government has released five US citizens. The coalition of national nonprofits also pledged to challenge misguided and partisan attempts to undermine these diplomatic achievements... Read More »

Press Release: As the OECD finalizes BEPS, questions linger on who will have access to the information

by Financial Transparency Coalition


Vital information from the new reporting effort won’t be made public, questions linger on what good it will do for developing countries that are seeing some of the worst effects of profit shifting... Read More »

Korindo Responsible for Human Rights Violations, Deforestation, Haze Explosive Environmental Report Finds

Glenn Hurowitz quoted


Mighty's investigative report "Burning Paradise," which includes satellite images, hotspot data, photos and videos, accuses Korean-controlled conglomerate Korindo of burning native forests and of human rights violations in Papua and North Maluku... Read More »

A Surprise at COMDEF; Arms Exports Soar…Again; Record Sales to Saudi; and more.

William D. Hartung quoted


Obama Has Approved Most Arms Deals Ever to Saudi Arabia. That’s according to new white paper from William Hartung of the Center for International Policy. “Since taking office in January 2009, the Obama administration has offered over $115 billion worth of weapons to Saudi Arabia in 42 separate deals, more than any U.S. administration in the history of the U.S.-Saudi relationship,” Hartung writes. “The majority of this equipment is still in the pipeline, and could tie the United States to the Saudi military for years to come.”... Read More »

Obama administration offered $115b​n in weapons to Saudi Arabia: report

William D. Hartung quoted


William Hartung of the Centre for International Policy, said another factor was a drive by US arms manufacturers to boost sales to compensate declining procurement by the Pentagon. However, the most recent deals – such as the offer to sell more than 150 M1A2 Abrams battle tanks for an estimated $1.15bn – were principally intended to replenish the Saudi arsenal, depleted in the war in Yemen... Read More »

Mexicans Contemptuous of Trump and Their President After Embarrassing Meeting

Laura Carlsen interviewed


Interview with Laura Carlsen, director of the Center for International Policy's America’s Program, conducted by Scott Harris... Read More »

Laura Carlsen on Trump’s meeting with President Nieto

Laura Carlsen interviewed


For more about Trump’s meeting with President Nieto and its Mexico border wall, CCTV America’s Asieh Namdar interviewed Laura Carlsen, the director of Latin American Rights and Security: Americas Program... Read More »

Activists Call for Realistic Portrayal of Vietnam War on a Pentagon Website

David Cortright interviewed


WASHINGTON — While serving stateside during the Vietnam War, David Cortright took to the streets in his uniform, on base and off, to pass out pamphlets describing atrocities committed by American troops and calling for an end to the fighting. “It was not easy,” he said. “When I was in the Army and speaking out, the commanders didn’t take it lightly.”... Read More »

Mel Goodman on Arab Voices WHYR Baton Rouge 96.6 FM

06-29-16 | 96.6 FM on Thursday mornings at 8 a.m. central.

We will speak live with Mr. Goodman about the report released yesterday on the Benghazi attack in Libya that killed four Americans. He commented yesterday on that report by saying "This Benghazi report is of a continuing media circus that the Republicans have created. But we still have much to learn about the CIA's role in Benghazi... Read More »

Time to Choose Opening Night

05-23-16 | Landmark Theatres E Street Cinema

June 3rd, 2016 7:30 pm Landmark Theatres E Street Cinema 555 11th Street NW Entrance on E Street between 10th & 11th NW Q&A to follow ... Read More »

Ralph Nader Presents Breaking Through Power

05-10-16 | Constitution Hall in Washington, DC

Matt Hoh and William Hartung speak at a historic gathering of public interest organizers, advocates, experts and concerned citizens. May 23, 24, 25, 26, 2016 at Constitution Hall in Washington, DC... Read More »

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