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Whistleblower at the CIA

by Melvin A. Goodman

February 2017 | Book

Mel Goodman will be lecturing at the University of North Carolina on October 3rd and at Yale University on October 17th. His book "Whistleblower at the CIA" will be published February 2017 and is posted on for advance sale. See more at Read More »

Articles and Media Appearances 2016

by William D. Hartung

January 2017 | Report

This report summarizes articles and media appearances by Arms and Security Project director William D. Hartung during 2016. The project’s work during 2016 focused on reining in Pentagon spending and reducing arms transfers to the Middle East, as part of a larger effort to promote a more effective U.S. foreign policy that focuses on preventing conflict rather than engaging in military action... Read More »

U.S. Arms Transfers to the UAE and Mideast Security

by William D. Hartung

January 2017 |

Despite the fact that it involves billions of dollars worth of weaponry, the U.S./UAE arms transfer relationship receives relatively little attention among the public, in the media, or in Congress. In part this is because the UAE connection is overshadowed by the U.S. role as the primary arms supplier to Saudi Arabia, and Saudi Arabia’s use of U.S. arms in its brutal bombing campaign in Yemen. But the UAE’s increasingly effective military capabilities and growing regional security role deserve closer scrutiny, both because of their impact on the future of the region and their implications for the future of U.S. arms transfer policy... Read More »

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The US Does Right at the UN

by Elizabeth Newhouse


The surprising vote by the United States this week to abstain from the annual UN resolution denouncing the U.S. embargo on Cuba reaffirmed to the world the Obama Administration’s resolve to repair relations with Cuba. The abstention—the first such U.S. vote in 25 years—made it clear that even though bound by law to uphold the embargo, this administration regards it as outmoded, counterproductive, and in need of repeal... Read More »

An Open Letter to Congress

by CIP, Win Without War


As you consider the Pentagon’s budget request for fiscal year 2017, the undersigned groups appreciate your consideration of the following options for savings to comply with the spending caps put in place by the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015... Read More »

Coalition: Implementation of Iran Deal and Prisoner Release A Big Win For Diplomac

by Win Without War


The Win Without War coalition applauded today’s announcement that the nuclear agreement with Iran has successfully shrunk Iran’s nuclear program and that the Iranian government has released five US citizens. The coalition of national nonprofits also pledged to challenge misguided and partisan attempts to undermine these diplomatic achievements... Read More »

There’s one shocking Obama legacy the media is trying desperately to ignore

William D. Hartung quoted


Hartung told The Canary: According to CRS, over 50% of all new arms transfer agreements worldwide in 2015 were for US-supplied weapons, two and one-half times as much as the next largest supplier, France... Read More »

Intelligence is big business

William D. Hartung quoted


Hiring intelligence contractors may give private companies access to national secrets and Bill Hartung worries outsourcing will increase under the next president... Read More »

Trump’s vow to slice defense pork? Good luck with that!

William D. Hartung quoted


Hartung was impressed with Trump’s meetings with the CEOs, but the new president will face deep-rooted problems in targeting bloated Pentagon spending, he cautions... Read More »

Gorilla Radio with Chris Cook, Mel A. Goodman, Dave Lindorff, Janine Bandcroft

Melvin A. Goodman interviewed


If November was the “stepping off” point, then December is the “hurtling towards the hard landing” of January’s Trump presidency... Read More »

Made in America - Human rights in Mexico and Mexican migrants against Trump

Laura Carlsen interviewed


Laura Carlsen discusses with Natasha Lycia Ora Bannan, president of the United States National Bar Association, in the studio of Rompeviento TV; And Stephanie Bello, executive assistant of the Migrant Center of the Church of San Francisco in New York.... Read More »

Analyst: Trump’s CIA director pick Mike Pompeo an apologist for agency’s crimes

Melvin A. Goodman interviewed


The Trump administration will be inheriting a Central Intelligence Agency that has become essentially a paramilitary organization... Read More »

National Geographic Channel: Years of Living Dangerously

11-23-16 | Season 2, Episode 4: “FUELING THE FIRE” with correspondents: Gisele Bündchen and Arnold Schwarzenegger Second showing: Wed., Nov 23rd at 11 pm, or watch anytime via ON DEMAND (free if you subscribe to National Geographic TV)

The outcome of the U.S. Presidential election suggests that it is more urgent than ever that we work to raise awareness about the serious threat that runaway carbon emissions pose for the future of our planet. But even though this threat is dire, the good news is that there are greener, cleaner, and economically sound solutions that can be scaled up right now... Read More »

Bill Goodfellow Keynote Speaker

11-14-16 | November 14, 2016 Hyatt Regency Washington on Capitol Hill

Economists for Peace and Security will conduct its 9th annual policy symposium at the Hyatt Regency Capitol Hill in Washington DC on November 14, 2016 to discuss the economic dimensions of the most pressing global security issues and those facing the domestic economy... Read More »

Into the Light


From executive producer Jeff Horowitz, the next episode of Years of Living Dangerously, Into the Light featuring David Letterman, airs Sunday, October 30th #yearsproject ... Read More »

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