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Struggle Goes Far Beyond the Eurozone — It is About Europe’s Unity and Security

by Harry Blaney

Financial Times, June 2015 | Letter

Does anyone in Europe know what they are doing to themselves? The basis for the euro and the EU should and must be, in the end, “one for all and all for one”... Read More »

Bashir's Escape from Justice

by Harry Blaney

The New York Times, June 2015 | Letter

Challenges point to a failure of vision among Europe’s national leaders and their political parties... Read More »

Book Review: Arms and the Dudes

by Colby Goodman

Washington Independent Review of Books, June 2015 | Article

A gripping account of the U.S. government's unfortunate use of contractors during the Afghanistan and Iraq wars... Read More »

Don't Rush Forward on the F-35

by William D. Hartung

The Hill, June 2015 | Article

To hear Lockheed Martin and the Pentagon tell it, the myriad problems with the F-35 combat aircraft are all behind us, and it is time to dramatically ramp up production of the plane. Nothing could be further from the truth. The plane continues to have basic problems with engine performance, software development, operating costs, maintenance, and reliability that suggest the Pentagon and the military services should proceed with caution... Read More »

Defense Reform Should Go Deep

by William D. Hartung, Matthew Fay

Real Clear Defense, June 2015 | Article

Everyone from Defense Secretary Ashton Carter to House Armed Services Committee chairman Mac Thornberry (R-TX) agrees that the Department of Defense is desperately in need of reform. The question is what reforms to make... Read More »