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Guest Column: Congress Must Approve Iran Nuclear Deal

by Michael Barnes, Wayne Gilchrest

Capital Gazette, August 2015 | Article

Two former Maryland members of Congress call on Barbara Mikulski and Ben Cardin to support the Iran deal... Read More »

Lifting Cuba Trade Embargo Is Good Business

by Michael Barnes

The Baltimore Sun, August 2015 | Article

Americans increasingly support lifting the trade embargo with Cuba, so what's the holdup?... Read More »

Nuclear Deal: Diplomacy or War?

by William D. Hartung, August 2015 | Article

As President Obama has indicated on numerous occasions, the political fight over the Iran nuclear deal boils down to a stark choice: diplomacy or war... Read More »

Water Wars

by Tom Barry

August 2015 | Report

The Mexican border state of Sonora is expanding its hydraulic society in the face of climate change, an escalating water crisis, and indigenous opposition... Read More »

Ted Deutch's Path to War

by Frick Curry

Sun Sentinel , August 2015 | Letter

If Congress forces the U.S. to walk away from the deal, the unlikely international coalition so carefully constructed by U.S. diplomats will collapse and there will be nothing holding back Iran from moving full speed ahead on its nuclear program... Read More »