Recent Publications & Commentary

Congress: Address the Humanitarian Crisis at the Border

by CIP

The Hill, July 2014 | Letter

CIP joins over 40 other organizations in urging Congress to provide emergency aid and give attention to the underlying causes of violence in Central America... Read More »

Terrorized Civilian Communities: Gaza and the Warsaw Ghetto

by Melvin A. Goodman

CounterPunch, July 2014 | Article

A comparison between the Warsaw Ghetto and the Gaza Strip may seem far-fetched, but the facts may tell a different story... Read More »

Blowback on the Border: America's Child Refugee Crisis

by Laura Carlsen

Foreign Policy in Focus, July 2014 | Article

After three years of relative silence, the U.S. press has finally “discovered” the crisis of tens of thousands of unaccompanied minors piling up on the U.S. border... Read More »

To Stem the Child Migrant Crisis, First Stop Poverty and Violence

by Oscar Arias Sanchez

Washington Post, July 2014 | Article

Educational aid may be an answer to one of the "root causes" of the recent surge in Central American immigrants to the U.S.... Read More »

Senators Graham and Menendez's Iranian Black Comedy

by Matthew Hoh

Huffington Post, July 2014 | Article

The repetition of Washington's call to arms manifests as a form of black comedy: it is funny until you realize its horror... Read More »