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Zika Messaging

by Jeff Blum

Sep-27-2016 | Letter

Resources dedicated to fight the spread of the Zika are running low. Congress should put partisan politics aside and provide funding to combat the virus. Because Zika primarily threatens pregnant women, sound family planning policies must be a central part of combating this virus.... Read More »

Refugee Messaging

by Jeff Blum

Sep-27-2016 | Letter

We must raise awareness that women and girls fleeing violence and economic hardship are vulnerable to sexual exploitation, violence and abuse; and we must do more to increase options for assistance. ... Read More »

IAVA Forum Messaging

by Jeff Blum

Sep-27-2016 | Letter

As some of you probably already know IAVA and NBC are hosting a candidate forum on veterans issues and national security with Hillary and Donald tonight at 8PM ET. This is a great opportunity for us to promote our series of candidate questions. Find sample tweets and questions here. ... Read More »

Israel Gives Up Little to Get Largest Ever U.S. Arms Deal

by Seth Binder

LobeLog, Sep-16-2016 | Article

After pushing off negotiations until the Iran deal concluded, Netanyahu has “settled” for the largest military aid package to any country in the history of U.S. security assistance. The deal will provide Israel $38 billion over ten years starting in 2019. Although the record deal does contain some significant Israeli concessions compared to the last agreement, little is likely to change... Read More »

How Did a Nuclear Warhead End Up Lying in a Ditch in Arkansas?

by William D. Hartung

The Nation, Sep-13-2016 | Article

The documentary Command and Control shows just how horrifyingly vulnerable we are to errors involving nuclear weapons. The question is not just whether Donald Trump or Kim Jong-un can be trusted with nuclear weapons; it is whether it is safe for any nation to possess them at all... Read More »

How the Pentagon became the world's weapon system superstore

by William D. Hartung

War College, Sep-08-2016 | Interview

The United States is the world's largest arms merchant. It's not even close. So, who decides what gets sold, and to whom? And how closely does anyone follow the rules? This week on War College we look at the upsides, and the downsides, of having such a big share of the arms market... Read More »

Donald Trump, here's the 'extreme vetting' that's already happening

by Diana Ohlbaum

The Hill, Sep-02-2016 | Article

It’s hard to know where to start with GOP nominee Donald Trump's proposal for "extreme vetting" of prospective entrants into the United States. The odious nature of demanding adherence to a particular set of views in order to gain admission to a country founded on freedom of speech? The impossibility of determining a person's innermost beliefs and private opinions? The irony that Trump would be unlikely to pass his own tests of rejecting bigotry and hatred, and demonstrating respect for gay people, women and minorities?... Read More »

Trump's Wall is Tantamount to Act of War: Outrage in Mexico as President Peña Nieto Meets with Trump

by Laura Carlsen

DemocracyNow, Sep-01-2016 | Interview

On Wednesday, Donald Trump traveled to Mexico City to meet with Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto, who once compared Trump to Hitler and Mussolini. The Mexican president came under fire for inviting Trump to meet with him in Mexico, a move many critics saw as legitimizing Trump’s positions. We speak to Laura Carlsen, director of the Mexico City-based Americas Program of the Center for International Policy... Read More »

Wars eventually end with negotiated settlements

by Bill Goodfellow

Aug-29-2016 | Press Release

The announcement that the Colombian government and the FARC revolutionaries have reached a deal to end that country’s 52-year-old civil war is a reminder that all wars, however intractable they may seem at the time, eventually end with negotiated settlements. An estimated 220,000 people died in Colombia’s civil war and over five million were displaced. ... Read More »

Centre Provides Interns with a Chance to Take on the Nation’s Capital

by Jared Thompson

Aug-27-2016 | Article

Jared Thompson, an international studies major, spent his summer in the capital working as a research intern for the Security Assistance Monitor (SAM), a project of the Center for International Policy that tracks security assistance given by the United States government to foreign powers.... Read More »

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