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Corruption in Military Aid Undermines Global Security

by William D. Hartung

LobeLog, May-12-2016 | Article

This week the government of the United Kingdom is hosting a conference of leaders in business, government, and civil society aimed at tackling the urgent problem of global corruption. The conference’s stated goals are ambitious: to “expose corruption so there is nowhere to hide,” “punish the perpetrators and support those affected by corruption,” and “drive out the culture of corruption wherever it exists.”... Read More »

If You Hate Trump’s Foreign Policy, Wait Until You See Ted Cruz’s

by William D. Hartung

The Huffington Post, May-02-2016 | Article

Donald Trump gave what was billed as a “major foreign policy speech” last week, with the aim of demonstrating that he has the knowledge, judgment, and temperament to be Commander-in-Chief. Trump failed the test... Read More »

2016 Guide to President Candidates and National Security

by Win Without War

May-01-2016 |

2016 Presidential Candidates on National Security... Read More »

Ground the Blimp to Nowhere

by William D. Hartung

Huffington Post, Apr-28-2016 | Article

It was one of the most embarrassing episodes in the history of Pentagon procurement. Last October an air surveillance blimp, designed to help protect the DC area from an attack by enemy cruise missiles, broke free of its moorings and went on a three hour joyride from its Maryland base until it finally crashed in a wooded area in northeast Pennsylvania... Read More »

Things Lawmakers Should Do Before They Complain About Military Readiness

by William D. Hartung

Defense One, Apr-22-2016 | Article

A common refrain on Capitol Hill in recent months has been the need to increase Pentagon spending to address a readiness crisis caused by inadequate training and equipment. But few members of Congress have been willing to support simple budgetary changes that would help fix things. A few common-sense Congressional actions would go a long way toward funding troops’ preparedness... Read More »

As Saudis Continue Deadly Bombing of Yemen, Is Obama Trading Cluster Munitions for Riyadh's Loyalty?

by William D. Hartung

Democracy Now!, Apr-21-2016 | Interview

President Obama’s fourth visit to Saudi Arabia for a meeting with leaders of the Gulf Cooperation Council comes as human rights organizations have been pressing Congress to block arms sales to the kingdom in the wake of Saudi-led coalition strikes in Yemen. The United Nations estimates more than 3,000 civilians have been killed since the Saudi bombing campaign began last March. We speak with William Hartung, senior adviser to the Security Assistance Monitor, who recently wrote in The New York Times that "Obama Shouldn’t Trade Cluster Bombs for Saudi Arabia’s Friendship." Hartung is also the director of the Arms and Security Project at the Center for International Policy. His latest book is called "Prophets of War: Lockheed Martin and the Making of the Military-Industrial Complex."... Read More »

U.S. Security Cooperation with GCC Countries

by Security Assistance Monitor

Apr-19-2016 | Fact Sheet

U.S. involvement with the Saudi-led coalition airstrikes in Yemen is increasingly concerning as human rights organizations question the coalition's adherence to international law... Read More »

Only the Pentagon Could Spend $640 on a Toilet Seat

by William D. Hartung

The Nation, Apr-11-2016 | Article

What your tax dollars go towards at America’s defense headquarters... Read More »

How not to audit the Pentagon

by William D. Hartung

LA Times, Apr-10-2016 | Article

One hundred and fifty million dollars for private villas in Afghanistan, $2.7 billion for an air surveillance balloon that doesn't work; $8,000 for a single helicopter part that really costs $500; $50,000 to investigate the iffy bomb-detecting capabilities of African elephants. These are just a few of the ways the Pentagon has found to misuse vast sums of taxpayer money... Read More »

Alternatives to Endless War: A Sustainable, Effective Response to ISIS

by Win Without War

Apr-05-2016 | Press Release

There is no military solution to the ISIS crisis. The U.S. has spent over $8.8 billion conducting 10,000 military strikes in Syria and Iraq over the past 20 months, but the threat from ISIS in the region remains formidable. Instead of pursuing the illusion of military solutions, the U.S. and its allies should prioritize political solutions. Below are examples of the many alternatives available... Read More »

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