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It’s Time to Sink the Littoral Combat Ship

by Jacob Marx, William D. Hartung

Defense One, Aug-25-2014 | Article

It is more important than ever that the Department of Defense spend taxpayer money wisely as the United States economy struggles and the Pentagon budget comes down from its post-World War II peak... Read More »

Stay out of Iraq: Opposing View

by William D. Hartung

USA Today, Aug-19-2014 | Article

In mid-June, President Obama announced that he would send a few hundred U.S. military personnel to Iraq to assess the capabilities of Iraqi security forces. Two months later, there are 1,000 U.S. troops in Iraq, and U.S. combat aircraft are flying daily bombing missions... Read More »

Mission Creep is Well Under Way in Iraq

by William D. Hartung

Huffington Post, Aug-14-2014 | Article

Whatever the Obama administration would like us to believe, it is now clear that mission creep is well under way. In mid-June the administration announced that it would send a few hundred advisors to assess the state of the Iraqi military... Read More »

Time to Rein in the Pentagon's Mysterious Slush Fund

by William D. Hartung

LA Times, Aug-14-2014 | Article

The Pentagon's 'war budget' is so open-ended, it could fund wars from Iran to Somalia... Read More »

The Death of a General and the Racket of a War

by Matthew Hoh

Huffington Post, Aug-13-2014 | Article

Five years ago this month, the New York Times, under the bylines of James Risen and Mark Lander, published a front-page profile of Marshal Mohammad Fahim, a notorious and bloody Afghan warlord and druglord, who had long been involved in the theft of American aid money. Fahim was about to become the Vice President of Afghanistan, for a second time... Read More »

Laughing From His Grave

by Matthew Hoh

Huffington Post, Aug-09-2014 | Article

After coming into office and adopting a proto-Bush approach to foreign policy by escalating the war in Afghanistan, participating in Libya's civil war, and enlarging America's targeted assassination and drone bombing campaign, the Obama White House has appeared, recently, more reticent in its use of military force... Read More »

Who is Watching the CIA?

by Melvin A. Goodman

CounterPunch, Aug-08-2014 | Article

Why Brennan must go, and Obama must grow up... Read More »

Israel’s Carte Blanche for War Crimes in Gaza

by Melvin A. Goodman

CounterPunch, Aug-05-2014 | Article

The latest disgraceful Israeli attack at a United Nations school sheltering displaced Palestinians is one more indication of Israel’s lack of moral compunction in the killing of innocent civilians, particularly children... Read More »

U.S.-Africa Summit: Avenues of Anonymity and Illicit Financial Flows

by Christian Freymeyer, Savior Mwambwa

The Africa Report, Aug-04-2014 | Article

As the first ever US-Africa summit opens in Washington, DC, scrutinizing secrecy within the financial system, which contributes to Africa's growing amount of illicit financial flows, remains crucial... Read More »

Coup Clause Changes Could Shake Bedrock of U.S. Values

by CIP

Jul-28-2014 | Letter

CIP joins over 20 other organizations in calling for support of a proposed change in Section 7008 of the SFOPS appropriations bill... Read More »

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