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The Dark Side of Obama’s Legacy

by Melvin A. Goodman

CounterPunch, Jan-05-2017 | Article

There is a dark side to President Barack Obama’s legacy on national and international security matters that will enable President-elect Donald Trump to damage America’s political institutions as well as its standing in the global community. President Obama, a Harvard-trained lawyer and an expert in constitutional law, was insufficiently scrupulous in protecting our moral obligations, creating an ironic and unfortunate page in U.S. history. Instead of making the “world safe for democracy,” the clarion call of President Woodrow Wilson one hundred years ago, President Obama contributed to the furtherance of a national security state and a culture of secrecy... Read More »

Trump Should Cut Pentagon Waste and Craft a New Strategy

by William D. Hartung

The National Interest, Dec-21-2016 | Article

Over the past month, president-elect Donald Trump has repeatedly spoken out against Pentagon waste, in what one analyst has described as “taking down the military-industrial complex, one tweet at a time.”... Read More »

Trump's Military Junta (w/ Stephen Miles)

by Stephen Miles

The Zero Hour with RJ Eskow, Dec-12-2016 | Video, Interview

Stephen Miles, advocacy director of Win Without War, discusses president-elect Donald Trump's troubling militarization of the government... Read More »

What Will a Trump Administration Mean for U.S. Arms Sales to the Middle East?

by William D. Hartung

The National Interest, Dec-12-2016 | Article

As with many other issues, Donald Trump has made conflicting statements that make it hard to determine what a Trump administration might actually do in the Middle East... Read More »

5 things the Trump team needs to know about foreign aid

by Diana Ohlbaum

The Hill, Dec-06-2016 | Article

As President-elect Donald Trump's transition teams arrive at the Department of State and other foreign policy agencies, they are no doubt being inundated with briefing papers and policy recommendations... Read More »

Trump’s Reliance on the Military

by Melvin A. Goodman

Consortium News, Dec-06-2016 | Article

Given how militaristic the State Department has become, it might make sense for President-elect Trump to turn to generals for his national security team, but there are risks in that, too, says ex-CIA analyst Melvin A. Goodman... Read More »

How are we going to respond to a Trump presidency?

by Bill Goodfellow

Center for International Policy, Dec-06-2016 | Press Release, Letter

There is no denying that the recent election results will make our work a lot more difficult. So much of what we have accomplished is now at risk. With both the House and Senate controlled by Republicans, and soon the Supreme Court as well, the Trump administration seems poised to run roughshod over progressives... Read More »

Pentagon's suppressed waste report only tip of the inefficient machine

by William D. Hartung

The Hill, Dec-06-2016 | Article

The revelation this week by “The Washington Post” that the Pentagon buried a report that exposed $125 billion in waste in the department’s administrative operations is just the latest indication that it is more interested in padding its budget than spending taxpayer dollars wisely... Read More »

The Challenges and Opportunities of a Negotiated Settlement in Afghanistan

by Aref Dostyar

Strategic Analysis , Dec-05-2016 | Article

Aref Dostyar is a Fellow at the Centre for International Policy, Washington, DC. He is the founder of Afghans for Progressive Thinking, a Fulbright and a Notre Dame University alumnus... Read More »

Mad Dog Mattis and Trump’s “Seven Days in May”

by Melvin A. Goodman

Counter Punch, Dec-05-2016 | Article

President-elect Donald Trump probably never read Fletcher Knebel and Charles Bailey’s “Seven Days in May” in 1962 and never saw John Frankenheimer’s film version in 1964, which dealt with the threat of a military coup due to opposition to a nuclear disarmament treaty with the Soviet Union during the Cold War... Read More »

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