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Yemen Campaign Tests U.S. Military Aid Policy

by Seth Binder

LobeLog, Apr-17-2015 | Article

As Yemen remains embroiled in conflict, the US policy to build partner capacity is being challenged. The United States cannot stop foreign countries from conducting their own foreign policy, even those receiving U.S. weapons. The airstrikes have killed innocent civilians and further destabilized a country, heightened the regional proxy war and strengthened AQAP’s hand. No easy solution exists in Yemen. However, as Operation Decisive Storm is demonstrating, building partner capacity can potentially cause as many problems as it hoped to eliminate... Read More »

On Pentagon Spending, Will the Real Rand Paul Please Stand Up?

by William D. Hartung

Huffington Post, Apr-14-2015 | Article

Rand Paul announced his candidacy for the presidency last week under the slogan"Defeat the Washington Machine, Unleash the American Dream." Yet he seems to be ready to give the biggest Washington machine of all - the Pentagon - a free pass... Read More »

Congress of War

by Matthew Hoh

Huffington Post, Apr-08-2015 | Article

It is very bewildering, albeit horrifyingly fascinating, to watch American politicians jockey and posture for war with Iran. With the announcement last week that years of negotiations have yielded a framework agreement that will arrest any Iranian nuclear weapons program, not that one actually exists, while starting the much needed process of bringing Iran back into the world community, many members of Congress seem not just reluctant, but hostile, to the prospects of averting a war with Iran... Read More »

Talking Peace and Securing Afghan Women's Rights

by Shukria Dellawar

The Hill, Apr-03-2015 | Article

Last week President Obama and senior members of his administration met with the power sharing heads of Afghan government President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani and Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah to discuss the road ahead in Afghanistan. Both leaders stated that the Afghan people wanted peace and that efforts are being made to reach out to Taliban. While the importance of peace cannot be undermined as women have suffered the most due to violence and insecurity over decades, how peace is pursued is a different matter... Read More »

The Obama Arms Bazaar: Record Sales, Troubling Results

by William D. Hartung

Lobe Log, Apr-02-2015 | Article

With the end of the Obama presidency just around the corner, discussions of his administration’s foreign policy legacy are already well under way. But one central element of that policy has received little attention: the Obama administration’s dramatic acceleration of U.S. weapons exports... Read More »

The Blood Sacrifice of Sergeant Bergdahl

by Matthew Hoh

Huffington Post, Apr-01-2015 | Article

Last week charges of Desertion and Misbehavior Before the Enemy were recommended against Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl. Tragically, Sergeant Bergdahl was once again crucified, without evidence or trial, throughout mainstream, alternative and social media... Read More »

Continuing the Crackdown on Kids

by Laura Carlsen

Foreign Policy in Focus, Mar-31-2015 | Article

The "Biden Plan" for Central America treats refugee children as a national security threat... Read More »

The Madness of Funding the Pentagon to “Cover the Globe”

by William D. Hartung

Huffington Post, Mar-26-2015 | Article

Current levels of Pentagon spending may not be able to support current defense strategy. The answer to this problem is right before our eyes: cut the money and change the strategy. That would be acting in the name of a conception of national security that was truly strategic... Read More »

Making a Nuclear Deal With Iran Stick

by Charles Knight

Huffington Post, Mar-24-2015 | Article

The security threat to Iran posed by "regime changers" in Washington was made abundantly clear by the invasion of Iraq in 2003. If Iran was inclined to develop a nuclear weapons option (i.e. achieve a breakout capability) in 2002, the U.S. invasion of Iraq in 2003 made such a program appear to be a well-advised national security priority for Tehran... Read More »

Smarter Spending at the Pentagon Would Satisfy Defense and Deficit Hawks

by William D. Hartung

LA Times, Mar-23-2015 | Article

The Pentagon wants more money. But the politics of Pentagon spending have gotten so contorted that it's hard to know who the important players are, much less how much money the department is likely to get when this year's budget wrangling is finally over. The final number will probably have less to do with partisan divisions than with resolving the split on the issue that exists inside the Republican Party... Read More »

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