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Let 'Em Play Ball


South Florida Sun-Sentinel, Jan-10-2006 | Letter

Just when you think U.S. policy toward Cuba couldn't be any more inane, counterproductive and downright dumb, it becomes so.... Read More »

Bullying Cuba out of ballpark


The Baltimore Sun, Dec-27-2005 | Article

The Treasury Department's recent announcement that it would not grant a license for a Cuban baseball team to participate in the World Baseball Classic planned for March was deeply disappointing but hardly a surprise.... Read More »

A Swing and a Miss: Why Bush Won’t Play Ball with Cuba

by Vincent Parascandolo

The Huffington Post, Dec-17-2005 | Article

It’s hard to know what was on Major League baseball’s mind when it sought to include Cuba and its baseball players in the World Baseball Classic that will take place next March in venues including Puerto Rico.... Read More »

US should scrap plane deal with Pakistan


Boston Globe, Nov-27-2005 | Article

PAKISTAN'S decision to postpone the US-subsidized purchase of 77 nuclear-capable F-16 fighter planes from the ailing Lockheed-Martin Corporation provides an opportunity for the Bush administration and Congress to call off a disastrous deal that the United States should never have proposed in the first place.... Read More »

Some reports regarding Iraq never made it to Congress


The Baltimore Sun, Nov-23-2005 | Article

President Bush, in defense of his decision to use force in Iraq, contends that Congress supported the decision and that it had access to the same intelligence available to the White House.... Read More »

The President's Exclusive Access to Sensitive Intelligence


Truthout, Nov-20-2005 | Article

President Bush, in defense of his decision to use force in Iraq, contends that the Congress supported the decision and that it had access to the same intelligence available to the White House. Not true!... Read More »

Bush Veto Threat Doesn't Fit His `Deep Disgust'


The Sun Sentinel, Nov-10-2005 | Article

Media coverage of the failed Harriet Miers nomination and the indictment of Vice President Dick Cheney's chief of staff, I. Lewis Libby, sidelined a far more important issue for America's future as moral leader of the world: President Bush's threat to veto an amendment to the $450 billion Military Appropriations Bill reaffirming the military's obligation to adhere to the Geneva Conventions' prohibitions on torture.... Read More »

U.S.: Sheltering terrorists


The South Florida Sun-Sentinel, Oct-27-2005 | Article

The United States is supposed to be in an all-out struggle against terrorism... Read More »

Take dirty money off the table


The San Francisco Chronicle, Oct-12-2005 | Article

Last month, we marked the fourth anniversary of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, which jolted the United States to a new understanding of the terrorist threat. After the smoke cleared, a second alarm went off: How did the terrorists pay for the crime?... Read More »

How dirty money thwarts capitalism's true course


Financial Times, Oct-11-2005 | Article

If smuggling drugs across borders is bad, is smuggling profits across borders through abusive transfer pricing also bad? If tax evasion out of one country is harmful, is the inflow of tax-evading money into another also harmful? If money laundering by terrorists is dangerous, is the use of similar techniques by companies also dangerous?... Read More »

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CIP in the Press
  • The NRA And The Gun Industry Go Global With Trump

    Security Assistance Monitor quoted

    The National Memo, 08-15-18

    American weapons makers have dominated the global arms trade for decades. In any given year, they’ve accounted for somewhere between one-third and more than one-half the value of all international weapons sales. It’s hard to imagine things getting much worse — or better, if you happen to be an arms trader — but they could, and soon, if a new Trump rule on firearms exports goes through...Read More »

  • The Defense Spending Bill Is an Abomination

    William D. Hartung quoted

    Esquire, 08-14-18

    And not because Trump didn't say John McCain's name...Read More »

  • Press Release: CIP’s Foreign Influence Transparency Proposal Becomes Law

    Ben Freeman


    Today the President signed into law the 2019 National Defense Authorization Act. The bill includes provisions from the Countering Foreign Propaganda Act, first introduced by Representatives Seth Moulton (D-MA) and Elise Stefanik (R-NY), which the Foreign Influence Transparency Initiative (FITI) at the Center for International Policy helped to craft and loudly supported....Read More »