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Bush and Uribe Make Their Shopping List

by Adam Isacson

El Espectador, Nov-14-2004 | Article

Colombia – and not Mexico, as was the case four years ago – will be the first Latin American country to get a bilateral visit from George Bush after his reelection.... Read More »

How Average Cubans See Our Election

by Sarah Stephens

AlterNet, Nov-01-2004 | Article

There is a visible chasm in Cuba between its leaders and its people over the importance of our presidential election this Tuesday.... Read More »

So Much for Humility in Foreign Policy


Sun-Sentinel, Oct-23-2004 | Article

President Bush campaigned for president in 2000 as a "compassionate conservative" in domestic policy, "humble" and rejecting "nation-building" in foreign policy. His later actions, however, were a flip-flop of massive proportions.... Read More »

Turning Up the Heat


Oct-09-2004 | Article

President Bush came out fighting Friday in his second debate with John Kerry.... Read More »

Bush's Renunciations of Treaty are Troubling


Sun-Sentinel, Oct-09-2004 | Article

The Comprehensive Test Ban, Nuclear Nonproliferation and Anti-Ballistic Missile treaties were negotiated with American leadership and support as a means to alleviate the fear and dread that the specter of nuclear war engenders in all hearts.... Read More »

Terror Countered Only By Just Policies


Sun-Sentinel, Sep-18-2004 | Article

"War on terror" is a contradiction in terms. Terrorism is not war; it is a tactic, a tool.... Read More »

American Intentions All Too Clear to Iraqis


Sun-Sentinel, Sep-02-2004 | Article

As the declared motives for President Bush's rush to war on Iraq dissolve, one by one, in the glaring light of truth, it becomes clear that his claim that we went to Iraq to bring freedom and liberation to a people suffering from a brutal dictatorship is similarly devoid of reality... Read More »

Bush Knows Why `Relatives' Are So Important

by Wayne Smith

Sun Sentinel, Jul-31-2004 | Article

On July 15, addressing the Justice Department's conference in Tampa on trafficking in forced labor, President Bush said the U.S. has a major problem just 90 miles off its shores... Read More »

Hearing of the House Government Reform Committee on "The War Against Drugs and Thugs: A Status Report on Plan Colombia Successes and Remaining Challenges"

by Adam Isacson

Jun-17-2004 | Testimony

Let me begin by thanking the Committee for holding a hearing on the status of Plan Colombia.... Read More »

Crime, corruption and shady commerce : Target all dirty money, not just terrorist funds

by , Jennifer Nordin

International Herald Tribune, Jun-10-2004 | Article

After Sept. 11, 2001, it dawned on the U.S. government that attacks of such magnitude must have had serious cash behind them. Galvanized by... Read More »

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