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Arms Sales Decisions Shouldn’t Be About Jobs

by William D. Hartung

Defense One, Mar-26-2018 | Article

Basic foreign policy principles should drive potential weapons exports, not pork-barrel politics... Read More »

The Mad Man Theory: Nixon, Trump and Bolton


Counterpunch, Mar-26-2018 | Article

Early in Richard Nixon’s presidency, he told his chief of staff Bob Haldeman that his secret strategy for ending the Vietnam War was to threaten the use of nuclear weapons... Read More »

Who’s Afraid Of John Bolton?

by William D. Hartung

LobeLog, Mar-26-2018 | Article

The appointment of uber-hawk John Bolton as Donald Trump’s national security advisor has understandably sparked concerns among groups on the center-left who rightly fear that it raises the prospects for war against Iran, North Korea, or some enemy yet to be imagined. But the more interesting question is how Bolton’s ascendancy will be viewed on the right... Read More »

Afghanistan is our longest war ever and Congress has abandoned all responsibility


The Hill, Mar-22-2018 | Article

We are well into the 17th year of the United States military commitment in Afghanistan, the longest war in American history. We've got 15,000 troops in the country, and we're spending $45 billion a year to sustain this effort and support the Afghan government... Read More »

Dianne Feinstein’s about-face on torture


The Washington Post, Mar-21-2018 | Article

Letter to the Editor... Read More »

The Great Myth of the So-Called “Adults in the Room”


Counterpunch, Mar-21-2018 |

The leading myth of the mainstream media over the past year has been the idea that there were “adults in the room” in the Oval Office of the White House... Read More »

Win Without War Statement Regarding the 15th Anniversary of the US-led Invasion of Iraq


Common Dreams, Mar-20-2018 | Article

WASHINGTON - Win Without War Director Stephen Miles released the following statement regarding the 15th anniversary of the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq:... Read More »

How to counter foreign propaganda on TV

by Ben Freeman

The Hill, Mar-20-2018 | Article

If you have ever watched Russia Today (or RT as it’s better known), it probably didn’t take long to realize the TV network has a decidedly pro-Russia stance... Read More »

15 Years Later, CIP Commemorates Disastrous US Choices in Iraq

by CIP

Mar-19-2018 | Article

On the 15h Anniversary of the Iraq War, Center for International Policy experts comment on the disastrous choices the US has made in Iraq since 2003... Read More »

A Russian Perspective On Korean Denuclearization

by Charles Knight

Lobe Log, Mar-18-2018 | Interview, Article

I met Anastasia Barannikova this last December when I visited the Far Eastern Federal University in Vladivostok, Russia. I was there to participate in discussions with eight of the university’s regional security experts about the situation in Korea, only a few hundred kilometers distant from where we sat. In my notes I circled Anastasia Barannikova’s name. Her colleagues mentioned that she had the best set of contacts with North Koreans... Read More »

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