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Congress Can Help End The Suffering In Yemen

by William D. Hartung

LobeLog, Sep-19-2018 | Article

The Saudi intervention in Yemen—carried out with U.S support—ranks alongside the war in Syria as the world’s worst humanitarian catastrophe. Without concerted action by Congress, things will get worse before they get better... Read More »

What is to be Done?

by CIP

Counterpunch, Sep-17-2018 | Article

Mel Goodman's latest piece from Counterpunch... Read More »

It’s long past time to tie the president’s hands

by Diana Ohlbaum

The Hill, Sep-17-2018 | Article

Bob Woodward, famed chronicler of what Washington says when the cameras are turned off, has titled his new book on the Trump Administration “Fear.” ... Read More »

What to Look For in the Pyongyang Inter-Korean Summit

by Charles Knight

The Diplomat, Sep-14-2018 | Article

Denuclearization is a long-term project. In light of that reality, what should we expect from the upcoming summit?... Read More »

Corruption in the Defense Sector:

by Christina Arabia, Colby Goodman

Sep-13-2018 | Report

Identifying Key Risks to U.S. Counterterrorism Aid... Read More »

Trump’s Psyche and the Threat of Force

by CIP

Counterpunch, Sep-11-2018 | Article

CIP's Melvin Goodman's latest in Counterpunch... Read More »

A Common Threat Is Uniting Prosecutors, Law Enforcement, International & Domestic Gun Violence Prevention Groups

by William D. Hartung

Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, Aug-17-2018 | Article

There has always been some cross over between international concerns over small arms gun trafficking, and the domestic priorities of U.S. gun violence prevention groups... Read More »

Donald Trump, Gunrunner for Hire

by William D. Hartung

The Nation, Aug-14-2018 | Article

The administration is fulfilling the National Rifle Association’s wildest dreams... Read More »

The CIA’s Double Standard Revisited

by CIP

Counterpunch, Aug-10-2018 | Article

CIP's Melvin A. Goodman talks about The Central Intelligence Agency's practice of double standards for many years... Read More »

America's War Habit

by Laura Carlsen

The Nation, Aug-02-2018 | Letter

CIP Senior Fellow, Melvin A. Goodman's letter to the editor.... Read More »

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