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To Advance Rights, Lead by Example


The New York Times, Feb-16-2005 | Letter

Your Feb. 15 editorial ''Self-Inflicted Wounds,'' about the torture of prisoners, is right on target. For the United States to torture prisoners, or outsource torture, is not only ineffectual, ''it debases this nation at home and abroad.'' ... Read More »

Not What U.S. Is Supposed To Be About


Sun-Sentinel, Feb-04-2005 | Article

Writing on these pages on Jan. 12, I discussed the reports coming out of the Guantanamo Naval Base concerning the abuse, even torture, of prisoners. Some observers, I pointed out, were beginning to call it "our own Devil's Island."... Read More »

Our Cuba Policy Will Get U.S. Nada


The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Feb-02-2005 | Article

The outcome of the election in Iraq is encouraging, to be sure. Elections for a national assembly, however, are only a beginning. And if the United States is to point Iraq and various other societies toward democracy, it must go back to the adage that "one leads best by setting an example."... Read More »

Where America Stands, What America Does


South Florida Sun-Sentinel, Feb-01-2005 | Article

Exit polls taken during the Nov. 2 presidential election indicated that most Bush voters quoted "moral values" as the prime motivation for their vote. This is difficult to understand in view of the wide publicity given to rampant torture at Iraq's Abu Graib prison, Afghanistan and Guantanamo Bay.... Read More »

Democracy By Invasion Not A Winning Formula


South Florida Sun-Sentinel, Jan-13-2005 | Article

The Bush administration's rosy scenario of a "slam-dunk" takeover of Iraq and welcoming throngs throwing rose petals did not materialize. Instead, the ever-increasing insurgency is now estimated by Iraqi Intelligence Director Mohamed Abdullah Shahwani at 200,000 members, including 40,000 full-time fighters.... Read More »

Follow the Pipeline


South Florida Sun-Sentinel, Dec-28-2004 | Article

The recent presidential campaign revolved around many issues, but the elephant in the room -- the prospect of wars without end to maintain U.S. control of the world's oil supply -- was ignored.... Read More »

To Tailor the Truth


Baltimore Sun, Dec-28-2004 | Article

The function of intelligence should be to provide as accurate an assessment as possible of a given situation to guide the formulation of policy. But the Bush administration doesn't see it that way.... Read More »

Did North Korea Cheat?


Foreign Affairs, Dec-13-2004 | Article

On October 4, 2002, the United States suddenly confronted North Korea with a damning accusation: that it was secretly developing a program to enrich uranium to weapons grade.... Read More »

Killing the Messengers


South Florida Sun-Sentinel, Nov-26-2004 | Article

President George W. Bush has been re-elected with the support of the majority of the American electorate, however small, that eluded him in 2000.... Read More »

Righting the CIA


Baltimore Sun, Nov-19-2004 | Article

Over the years, there have been many attempts to politicize intelligence. But no government has been so blatant as the Bush administration. ... Read More »

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