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Mexico’s Oil Privatization: Risky Business

by Laura Carlsen

Foreign Policy in Focus, May-27-2014 | Article

Mexico's oil privatization scheme will hurt the environment, scar the landscape, and leave Mexico at the mercy of transnational firms... Read More »

Sunshine State Thaws U.S.-Cuba Relations

by Laura Carlsen

Foreign Policy in Focus, Apr-18-2014 | Article

A majority of Floridians now favor thawing U.S. relations with Cuba. Time will tell if Washington will follow suit... Read More »

Lessons From the Costa Rican Elections

by Laura Carlsen

Counterpunch, Apr-08-2014 | Article

We talked to Maria Florez-Estrada, legislative adviser to the Broad Front and communications coordinator for Villalta’s campaign, for her take on what happened and what the elections mean for the future of Costa Rica.... Read More »

El Chapo Capture: What Happens When the Kingpin Falls?

by Laura Carlsen

Foreign Policy in Focus, Mar-06-2014 | Article

U.S. officials are propping up the capture of Sinaloa Cartel leader Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman as a major drug war victory. They're wrong... Read More »

A Cyber Invasion- How the NSA Infiltrated Mexico’s Computers

by Laura Carlsen

CounterPunch, Jan-19-2014 |

NSA internal information provided by former security consultant and whistleblower Edward Snowden shows that Mexico features prominently as a target for massive U.S. espionage... Read More »

Elections a Setback for Women's Rights in Honduras

by Laura Carlsen

Just Associates, Dec-10-2013 | Article

Honduras went into its general elections in a state of high tension. The country has come out of the Nov. 24 vote with tensions even higher... Read More »

Mexico Suffered, and the United States Felt Its Pain

by Laura Carlsen

New York Times, Nov-24-2013 | Article

While much has been said about its impact on U.S. job loss and eroding labor conditions, some of the most severe impacts of Nafta have been felt south of the border... Read More »

Kingpin Arrest Will Mean More Violence in Mexico

by Laura Carlsen

Al Jazeera, Jul-18-2013 | Article

Arresting drug cartel leaders will trigger power struggles, leaving the public to bear a new surge of violence... Read More »

Protesters’ Demands Expand From Free Fare to Fair Society

by Laura Carlsen

Jun-23-2013 | Article

Recent protests over public transit fare hikes in Brazil have expanded, manifesting a more general discontent among Brazilian youth... Read More »

Women Raise Banner of Women’s Rights in Honduran Popular Movement

by Laura Carlsen

CIP Americas, Mar-21-2013 | Article

On International Women's Day, women from all over Honduras joined the movement for peace and democracy, bringing recognition to the national feminist movement and joining their case with the popular demands of all Hondurans... Read More »

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