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Four Reasons Chuck Hagel Would Be a Good Secretary of Defense

by William D. Hartung

Huffington Post, Jan-07-2013 | Article

The debate over the wisdom of appointing former Nebraska Senator Chuck Hagel as the next secretary of defense is well under way... Read More »

What About Armed Social Workers?

by William D. Hartung

Huffington Post, Dec-21-2012 | Article

Following the NRA's press conference in response to the Newton, Connecticut school shooting, William Hartung analyzes the NRA's proposal for a "school shield program"... Read More »

The Scandal We Should Be Talking About

by William D. Hartung

Huffington Post, Nov-14-2012 | Article

While our news media pores over every titillating detail of the Petraeus affair, there's another scandal that's gone largely unnoticed by the defense community. Last Friday, Lockheed Martin quietly announced that after having been groomed to take over for departing C.E.O. Robert Stevens this January, that would-be C.E.O. Christopher Kubasik would be resigning over a long-term extramarital affair ... Read More »

Letter to the Editor

by William D. Hartung

Washington Post, Oct-12-2012 | Letter

William Hartung offers up his views of the Vice-Presidential debate... Read More »

Foreign Policy by Platitude

by William D. Hartung

Huffington Post, Oct-09-2012 | Article

Yesterday's foreign policy speech by Mitt Romney was the worst of both worlds -- shallow rhetoric followed by a few ill-considered specifics... Read More »

A Victory for Common Sense on Nuclear Weapons

by William D. Hartung

Sep-25-2012 | Article

In a surprise decision, Washington decided to zero out funding for a plutonium facility proposed to be built in Los Alamos, New Mexico... Read More »

Pentagon Spending: Profits and Politics Trump National Security

by William D. Hartung

Sep-20-2012 | Article

Miles and Hartung discuss the current debate about "sequestration" and its effects on the economy in their latest co-authored article... Read More »

What if Republicans Had a Debate on Military Spending?

by William D. Hartung

Huffington Post, Aug-28-2012 | Article

William Hartung examines the proposed budgets of the Republican nominees, outlining why they would be detrimental instead of beneficial... Read More »

McCain's Road Trip to Nowhere on Pentagon Spending

by William D. Hartung

Huffington Post, Jul-30-2012 | Article

As Senators McCain, Ayotte and Graham embark on a series of meetings to coerce voters into "preserving America's strength," Hartung exposes the truth about sequestration and its actual effects on America's security... Read More »

Pentagon Contractors and Congress: Defending Special Interests or Promoting the Public Interest?

by William D. Hartung

HuffPost Politics, Jul-17-2012 | Article

It is not surprising that Lockheed Martin and its allies want to keep the Pentagon gravy train running full speed ahead, but most taxpayers disagree.... Read More »

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