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Follow the Pipeline


South Florida Sun-Sentinel, Dec-28-2004 | Article

The recent presidential campaign revolved around many issues, but the elephant in the room -- the prospect of wars without end to maintain U.S. control of the world's oil supply -- was ignored.... Read More »

To Tailor the Truth


Baltimore Sun, Dec-28-2004 | Article

The function of intelligence should be to provide as accurate an assessment as possible of a given situation to guide the formulation of policy. But the Bush administration doesn't see it that way.... Read More »

Did North Korea Cheat?


Foreign Affairs, Dec-13-2004 | Article

On October 4, 2002, the United States suddenly confronted North Korea with a damning accusation: that it was secretly developing a program to enrich uranium to weapons grade.... Read More »

Killing the Messengers


South Florida Sun-Sentinel, Nov-26-2004 | Article

President George W. Bush has been re-elected with the support of the majority of the American electorate, however small, that eluded him in 2000.... Read More »

Righting the CIA


Baltimore Sun, Nov-19-2004 | Article

Over the years, there have been many attempts to politicize intelligence. But no government has been so blatant as the Bush administration. ... Read More »

Bush and Uribe Make Their Shopping List


El Espectador, Nov-14-2004 | Article

Colombia – and not Mexico, as was the case four years ago – will be the first Latin American country to get a bilateral visit from George Bush after his reelection.... Read More »

How Average Cubans See Our Election

by Sarah Stephens

AlterNet, Nov-01-2004 | Article

There is a visible chasm in Cuba between its leaders and its people over the importance of our presidential election this Tuesday.... Read More »

So Much for Humility in Foreign Policy


Sun-Sentinel, Oct-23-2004 | Article

President Bush campaigned for president in 2000 as a "compassionate conservative" in domestic policy, "humble" and rejecting "nation-building" in foreign policy. His later actions, however, were a flip-flop of massive proportions.... Read More »

Turning Up the Heat


Oct-09-2004 | Article

President Bush came out fighting Friday in his second debate with John Kerry.... Read More »

Bush's Renunciations of Treaty are Troubling


Sun-Sentinel, Oct-09-2004 | Article

The Comprehensive Test Ban, Nuclear Nonproliferation and Anti-Ballistic Missile treaties were negotiated with American leadership and support as a means to alleviate the fear and dread that the specter of nuclear war engenders in all hearts.... Read More »

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