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Failing Grades: Evaluating the Results of Plan Colombia


Yale Journal of International Affairs, Sep-01-2005 | Article

On July 13, 2000, President Bill Clinton signed into law an emergency bill giving Colombia $860 million “to seek peace, fight drugs, build the economy, and deepen democracy.” ... Read More »

Violent `Solutions' Create New Problems


Sun-Sentinel, Aug-12-2005 | Article

As anti-Americanism has become a vital issue, various committees, delegations and retired diplomatic, military and intelligence officials have charged that our lack of an evenhanded approach to foreign relations and the worldwide perception of unfair policies are the main contributors to the problem.... Read More »

'Last Throes' Only in Eye of Delusional Bush


Sun-Sentinel, Aug-06-2005 | Article

The Bush administration assures us that the insurgency in Iraq is in its last throes, even as the attacks increase and casualties climb. It also assures us that the Castro regime is in its last throes, thanks to the new measures against it put forward by the President's Commission for Assistance to a Free Cuba in May of 2004.... Read More »

Bush Administration Deceptions Longstanding and Growing


War is a, Jul-18-2005 | Article

The Bush administration and much of the major media either ignored or gave little publicity to the revelations in the "Downing Street Memo" when it was leaked and published in London's Sunday Times close to two months ago. Now the leak has become a flood of memos written by British cabinet ministers that affirm and substantiate its damning statement that "the intelligence and facts were being fixed around the policy." ... Read More »

Grappling with Gitmo


The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Jun-26-2005 | Article

Many prominent Americans, both Democrats and Republicans, are urging that the U.S. detention center at Guantanamo be closed. Their argument is that given the many reports of detainees being abused there, Guantanamo has come to be seen internationally as a symbol of U.S. disregard for human rights and for the Geneva Conventions. And so, to get rid of the harmful symbol, we should close it.... Read More »

Let's Get Real About Understanding Root Causes of Terrorism


Palladium-Item, Jun-16-2005 | Article

The British people and many others seem to have been more shocked by the fact that the terrorists who set off those bombs in London the other day were native-born British citizens than that the attack occurred. We should not have been.... Read More »

Investigation Needed


Sun-Sentinel, Jun-11-2005 | Article

Responding to Amnesty International's allegations on May 25 of "atrocious human rights violations " at Guantanamo and various other U.S.-controlled detention centers, and especially to the term "gulag," President Bush on May 31 described the charges as "absurd" and based on the stories of "people who hate America," i.e., the detainees.... Read More »

Was Bustani Ouster Prelude to Iraq War?


Sun-Sentinel, Jun-10-2005 | Article

The rationales the Bush administration used to promote the Iraq war as necesary to counteract an imminent threat from Iraq have fallen by the wayside. None of the commissions or congressional investigations have gone beyond the facile conclusions that "mistakes were made" or that the intelligence was "dead wrong." No official who gave the orders or held the responsibility has been named. President Bush took his re-election as a referendum on his previous policies, implying that we should move on.... Read More »

Getting Around Pyongyang's Hard-Liners


The Washington Post, Jun-10-2005 | Article

In the standard U.S. image, North Korea is a monolithic, Stalin-style dictatorship controlled by one man, Kim Jong Il. ... Read More »

If the intelligence doesn`t fit, bend it


Korea Herald, Jun-04-2005 | Article

The function of intelligence should be to provide as accurate an assessment as possible of a given situation to guide the formulation of policy. But the Bush administration doesn`t see it that way;... Read More »

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