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American Intentions All Too Clear to Iraqis


Sun-Sentinel, Sep-02-2004 | Article

As the declared motives for President Bush's rush to war on Iraq dissolve, one by one, in the glaring light of truth, it becomes clear that his claim that we went to Iraq to bring freedom and liberation to a people suffering from a brutal dictatorship is similarly devoid of reality... Read More »

Bush Knows Why `Relatives' Are So Important

by Wayne Smith

Sun Sentinel, Jul-31-2004 | Article

On July 15, addressing the Justice Department's conference in Tampa on trafficking in forced labor, President Bush said the U.S. has a major problem just 90 miles off its shores... Read More »

Crime, corruption and shady commerce : Target all dirty money, not just terrorist funds

by , Jennifer Nordin

International Herald Tribune, Jun-10-2004 | Article

After Sept. 11, 2001, it dawned on the U.S. government that attacks of such magnitude must have had serious cash behind them. Galvanized by... Read More »

Truth in intelligence

by Melvin A. Goodman

The Baltimore Sun, Jun-08-2004 | Article

The resignation of George J. Tenet as CIA director was long overdue, but fundamental steps are essential to allow his successor to control the... Read More »

Cuba shaping up as Iraq II

by Wayne Smith

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, May-26-2004 | Article

The path by which the Bush administration led us into the nightmarish Iraqi quagmire is strewn with arrogance, flawed assumptions, faulty intelligence and... Read More »

Riding A Tiger In North Korea

by Selig S. Harrison

Newsweek, May-16-2004 | Article

When you go to Pyongyang, the place to look for the keys to resolving the nuclear crisis is not the Ministry of Atomic Energy, the Foreign Ministry or the headquarters of the Korean... Read More »

Track Bin Laden or Seize Cigars and Rum? Bush Puts Cuba Sanctions First over Fight against Terrorism Says Center for International Policy

by Sarah Stephens

U.S. Newswire, Apr-29-2004 | Article

The Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), the Treasury department agency charged with stopping the transit of illegal funds to... Read More »

Demand A Full Accounting For Our Policies


South Florida Sun-Sentinel, Mar-26-2004 | Article

The terrorist attacks on Spanish trains are now in the terrorist "hall of infamy" and will ever be referred to as 3-11, 9-11's progeny. International terrorism by... Read More »

The Militarization of U.S. Foreign Policy

by Melvin A. Goodman

Guerrilla News Network, Feb-19-2004 | Article

The fall of the Soviet Union handed the U.S. a unique opportunity, as the surviving superpower, to lead the world toward a period of greater cooperation ... Read More »

More Arms Are Not What India and Pakistan Need

by Selig S. Harrison

LA Times, Feb-14-2004 | Article

Washington wants to encourage the search for a South Asian peace that was launched by Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee of India and President... Read More »

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