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China's North Korean Calculations


The New York Times, Jan-06-2011 | Article

When President Obama hosts the Chinese president, Hu Jintao, in Washington later this month, North Korea is certain to be high on the agenda. But as in the past, Beijing is likely to use its leverage with Pyongyang only if a major war threatens. ... Read More »

Drawing a Line in the Water


NY Times, Dec-12-2010 | Article

THE crisis in the Yellow Sea, which was set off by the North Korean shelling of South Korea’s Yeonpyeong Island last month, is probably mystifying to many Americans. ... Read More »

The Rut in India's Economic Highway


The Huffington Post , Nov-18-2010 | Article

Writing about India's booming economic performance and growth potential has become its own cottage industry over the last several years. Indeed, a report out this week ... Read More »

Support, Don’t Promote, Democracy Abroad


Rethinking National Security, Nov-10-2010 | Article

The debate rages over what and how much world leaders and other senior officials should and should not say in public about the actions and policies of countries other... Read More »

The new faces of reform in North Korea

by , Oct-13-2010 | Article

KIM JONG-IL’S bold moves to strengthen his grip on the Workers Party, the Army, and the bureaucracy in North Korea mark an important victory for the advocates of economic ... Read More »

U.S. Must Stabilize Chinese Relations


Politico, Sep-30-2010 | Article

As fears of a prolonged recession grow, so does the need to stabilize U.S. economic relations with China. ... Read More »

China's Discreet Hold on Pakistan's Northern Borderlands


International Herald Tribune, Aug-26-2010 | Article

While the world focuses on the flood-ravaged Indus River valley, a quiet geopolitical crisis is unfolding in the Himalayan borderlands of northern Pakistan, where Islamabad is handing over de facto control of the strategic Gilgit-Baltistan region in the northwest corner of disputed Kashmir to China.... Read More »

How to Leave Afghanistan Without Losing


Foreign Policy, Aug-25-2010 | Article

As prospects for an early U.S.-NATO military victory in Afghanistan fade and pressures for the withdrawal of U.S. combat forces grow, the ... Read More »

Barack hasn't Banned the Bomb


Le Monde Diplomatique, Apr-06-2010 | Article

Although the Nobel peace prize committee believed Barack Obama is passionately committed to nuclear downsizing, if not disarmament, the US president may be no more successful in controlling the hawks than he was with the banks and, for a long time, the health insurers... Read More »

Should U.S. keep 'first use' option?


USA Today , Apr-06-2010 | Article

When should the U.S. use nuclear weapons? Most Americans would no doubt reply: when and if it is attacked with nuclear weapons. ... Read More »

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