Commentary - Avoided Deforestation Partners

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A New Year's Wish: More Tree Hugging CEOs


Huffington Post, Jan-22-2015 | Article

With the close of yet another UN climate meeting (this last one in Lima), we have more than a little hope that this year's gathering in Paris will result in a truly global consensus on climate change actions. But though there has been some progress on the geo-political front, the stark reality is that any agreement will take time to implement, and time is a luxury we cannot afford. More and more, many of us find ourselves searching for solutions that don't require a worldwide accord before we can begin to save the planet. It turns out that one such solution comes from a rather surprising place: the corporate boardroom... Read More »

Connecting the Dots: from Christmas Cookies to Climate Change


Mongobay, Dec-26-2014 | Article

Most people simply do not know that what we eat, drink and buy here in the developed world is playing a big role over there, in those far away tropical countries like Indonesia. It turns out that our ever-increasing demand for raw ingredients like palm oil is causing rampant deforestation and contributing significantly to climate change ... Read More »

Joint Letter in Support of Guantanamo Provisions in Senate Bill

by Win Without War, CIP

Human Rights Watch, Nov-15-2013 | Letter

Closing Guantanamo is good human rights policy and, according to military and intelligence experts, good national security policy. The Guantanamo provisions in the Senate NDAA provide the necessary flexibility to execute that policy responsibly... Read More »

How Europe Can Help Obama Achieve US Climate Targets


Grist, Jun-28-2013 | Article

Europe stands to significantly affect how much the United States will reduce greenhouse gas emissions... Read More »

Possible Breakthrough: Indonesian Oil Giant Promises Zero Deforestation


Grist, Feb-15-2011 | Article

Potential good news for orangutans, tigers, and the climate: Indonesian palm oil giant Golden Agri-Resources (GAR) ... Read More »

Selling the Forests that Saved Britain

by, Feb-15-2011 | Article

I confess that British Prime Minister David Cameron’s proposal to auction off all 650,000 acres of England’s national ... Read More »

Bolivia, the Saudi Arabia of obstruction


Grist , Dec-10-2010 | Article

UPDATE: The delegates at Cancun have approved a deal that makes important progress on forest protection, clean technology, adapting to global warming, measurement ... Read More »

Forests poised for major progress in Cancun—if Hugo Chavez and U.S. don’t get in the way


Grist , Dec-06-2010 | Article

If successful, the Cancun negotiations could mark a giant step towards fixing that calamitous error -- and drastically reducing deforestation on the ground... Read More »

Richard Goldman, founder of the Goldman Prize, dies at age 90


Grist, Dec-01-2010 | Article

The planet lost a great and generous hero on Monday when philanthropist Richard N. Goldman died at the age of 90 Goldman is most famous for cofounding the Goldman Prize... Read More »

Our Rinky Dink Scandal Culture


Huffington Post , Oct-11-2010 | Article

The Wall Street Journal front page today featured a breathless report that 72 senior staffers for members of Congress had traded stocks in companies over which their ... Read More »

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