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Cuba-U.S. Collaboration in a New Era of Change

by CIP

May-31-2018 | Press Release

Successes and Opportunities in the Environment and Historic Preservation ... Read More »

Gilbert Brownstone, Jean Nouvel et Bob Vallois s’engagent pour Cuba

by Philippe Régnier

Le Quotidien de l', Sep-23-2015 | Article

Gilbert Brownstone va donner à Cuba un ensemble de gravures d’André Masson qui seront accueillies par un nouveau bâtiment de l’architecte Jean Nouvel à La Havane. De son côté, Bob Vallois travaille à la création sur l’île d’une fondation dédiée au sculpteur Agustín Cárdenas.... Read More »

Lifting Cuba Trade Embargo Is Good Business


The Baltimore Sun, Aug-23-2015 | Article

Americans increasingly support lifting the trade embargo with Cuba, so what's the holdup?... Read More »

A New Era in U.S.-Cuba Relations


Tampa Bay Times, May-28-2015 | Article

Negotiators from the United States and Cuba met in Washington last week to finalize an agreement on re-establishing diplomatic relations between the two countries. When they adjourned on May 22, they were so close to final agreement that Assistant Secretary of State Roberta Jacobson, the chief U.S. negotiator, said another round of talks would probably not even be necessary. In a matter of weeks, it is likely that the American flag will be flying over our old embassy building in Havana... Read More »

Good Reasons to Open Our Doors to Cuba

by Elizabeth Newhouse

Washington Post, Jan-05-2015 | Letter

If the United States wants influence and better human rights in Cuba, it needs to be there. China and Vietnam are not analogous to this island 90 miles from Florida with the natural affinities Cubans and Americans have... Read More »

Reflections From the Former Chief of the U.S. Interests Section: The Cuba Opening


CounterPunch, Dec-25-2014 | Article

As the announcement of restored relations came through Wednesday morning, there was utter joy and elation among the Cuban people in the streets, there were cheers and applause – this is what they have been waiting for, too... Read More »

Reflections from Former Chief of U.S. Interests Section


Dec-22-2014 | Letter

Last Tuesday night, Smith was in Havana, giving a talk calling for relations between the United States and Cuba – pushing for the United States to take Cuba off the terrorist list, to ease travel restrictions, and free the remaining Cuban Five, among other changes. To his surprise, virtually everything that he called for, the administration moved to implement at dawn the next day... Read More »

Keep the U.S. Trade Embargo Against Cuba?


Washington Post, Oct-24-2014 | Letter

The editorial board wrote that the United States should not end the trade embargo against Cuba until that country grants “genuine freedom to its people.” That is what might be called an all-or-nothing approach... Read More »

Continuing Shame in the Case of the Cuban Five


Oct-17-2013 | Article

The case of the Cuban Five serves as a blight on the standing of U.S. justice according to Smith... Read More »

After Chávez, a Chance to Rethink Relations With Cuba


NY Times, Mar-07-2013 | Article

The death of Hugo Chávez presents an opportunity to rekindle the U.S. relationship with Latin American countries. Cuba can then become a "multilateral challenge" if both Americas can work together to instigate Cuban democratic reform... Read More »

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