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Time is Ripe For a New Approach to Cuba


Baltimore Sun, Mar-04-2013 | Article

Collaborating with Cuba to form agreements on energy production that will benefit both countries' interests may yield patched relations in the long-run... Read More »

Culture and Social Justice


Jan-01-2013 | Speech

A comparison of culture and social justice between the U.S. and Cuba... Read More »

More Chicanery in the Cases of the Cuban Five


Radio Cadena Agramonte, Apr-29-2012 | Article

Many Americans seem to believe the now-famous Cuban Five were spies working for Havana against the United States and therefore deserve what they got – years in prison. But that is far from the truth... Read More »

Squeezing Cuba


Baltimore Sun, Jul-07-2011 | Article

When it comes to encouraging more open societies in other countries, one can usually accomplish more by setting an example of adherence to democratic principles and of respect for human rights than by dictating rules for others to follow.... Read More »

Case Against Luis Posada Carriles Takes Welcome Turn


The South Florida Sun-Sentinel, Feb-22-2011 | Article

Astonishing! And just when many of us were convinced that the trial of Luis Posada Carriles was simply a ... Read More »

The U.S. Needs to Take Steps for Change Alongside Cuba


The Washington Post , Aug-11-2010 | Article

In his Aug. 9 op-ed column on his conversation with Cuba's Cardinal Jaime Ortega, Jackson Diehl said that while he doesn't doubt the cardinal's sincerity in thinking that Cuban President Raúl Castro will bring about change in Cuba, as Mikhail Gorbachev did in the Soviet Union... Read More »

Lifting the Restrictions on U.S. Travel to Cuba


NY Times, Jul-12-2010 | Letter

In his July 9 letter, James C. Cason, a former chief of the United States Interests Section in Havana, insists that allowing Americans to travel freely to Cuba will not in any way encourage greater openness on the island... Read More »

Free the Cuban Five!


The Nation , Jul-07-2010 | Article

Quite apart from Fidel Castro’s rare TV interview on Tuesday, there have recently been a number of encouraging developments in Cuba. A leading dissident, Elizardo Sanchez... Read More »

U.S.-Cuba Cooperation on Gulf is in Our Interest


Corpus Christi Caller , Jun-14-2010 | Article

Cuba, like the U.S. Gulf Coast, is now threatened — though to be sure not to the same extent. It stands ready to share pertinent information and to cooperate against the danger... Read More »

Reopening Channels of Communication with Cuba


NY Times, May-09-2009 | Letter

'U.S. Plans Informal Meetings With Cuban Diplomats to Improve Communications'' (news article, April 27) reported government officials as indicating the Obama administration to be quietly pushing to reopen channels of communication with Cuba. This simply makes sense.... Read More »

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