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Bush's Speech Only Reiterates Past Ones


The South Florida Sun-Sentinel, Oct-31-2007 | Article

Just when one thinks President Bush could not possibly say anything more inane about Cuba and our policy toward it, he does. ... Read More »

Close Guantanamo Bay prison, in interest of justice

by Jennifer Schuett

South Florida Sun-Sentinel, Oct-09-2007 | Article

It was not long ago that the issue of closing the prison at Guantanamo Bay was a hot topic. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates and Colin Powell called for the closing of the prison. Even President Bush supported the idea, and rightfully so.... Read More »

Race sparks new Cuba thinking


The Orlando Sentinel, Sep-10-2007 | Article

Hillary Clinton has called Barak Obama "naive and irresponsible" for urging a change in our ongoing policy toward Cuba, a policy which Clinton, according to one of her campaign spokeswomen, "supports."... Read More »

A Guest Comment: Wayne Smith:


Inter-American Dialogue's, Aug-28-2007 | Article

"Barak Obama's call for the unrestricted travel of Cuban-Americans to visit families on the island was a very smart move. There are a few hard-line Cuban-Americans who will protest, but the great majority of Cuban-Americans are totally in favor of family travel and will applaud Obama.... Read More »

House Democrats Follow Republican Lead on Cuba


Aug-27-2007 | Article

When House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Charles Rangel presented an amendment on August 3 to simplify the method of payment for U.S. agricultural sales to Cuba, it was expected to pass easily. But to the surprise of many, the amendment was defeated.... Read More »

Inside Track: Take Cuba Off The Terrorist List


The National Interest, Aug-06-2007 | Article

Cuba was placed on the list of terrorist nations in March of 1982 with little in the way of explanation. Twenty-five years later, the State Department’s reasons for keeping it there are totally unconvincing.... Read More »

Bush's Action Plan Not Working


South Florida Sun-Sentinel, Jul-22-2007 | Article

The Bush administration's policy statements regarding Cuba sound like a broken record — a sound track leading nowhere.... Read More »

Barriers to change


The Guardian, Jul-18-2007 | Article

Writing in the Guardian last year, I described the utterly counterproductive nature of US policy toward Cuba and expressed the hope that "the British prime minister would not support Bush's gravely mistaken policies in Cuba as he did those in Iraq."... Read More »

Cuba, the Square Peg


The Guardian, Jul-06-2007 | Article

Despite its best efforts, the US cannot make Cuba fit its round-hole definition of a terrorist state.... Read More »

U.S. Bending Backwards Not to Extradite


South Florida Sun-Sentinel, May-22-2007 | Article

President Bush has often taken the position that "if you harbor a terrorist, you're equally as guilty as the terrorist." Where, then, would our harboring of Posada leave George W. Bush?... Read More »

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