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False Targets Don't Help War on Terror


Post Global, May-02-2007 | Article

Terrorist acts are a serious and growing problem in much of the world, especially in the Middle East and Africa. It is a problem that must be addressed. One does not contribute to that effort, however, by putting forward false targets, as the just-released State Department Report on Terrorism does by including Cuba on the list as a state sponsor of terrorism.... Read More »

Keeping academics out of Cuba


The Baltimore Sun, Apr-30-2007 | Article

The Bush administration's restrictions on academic travel to Cuba are so harsh that they have brought such travel virtually to a halt. Now, about 450 professors and academics from colleges and universities across the nation have banded together to take the federal government to court and challenge their legality.... Read More »

Symbol of Injustice


The Sun-Sentinel , Mar-27-2007 | Article

The confessions of Khalid Sheik Mohammed, given on Feb. 10 at Guantanamo and released on Feb. 14, grabbed headlines all over the U.S. And no wonder. Mohammed, a right-hand man of Osama bin Laden, virtually boasted of being the mastermind behind the 9-11 terrorist attacks and many other acts of violence. He himself, he said, had personally beheaded the American journalist Daniel Pearl.... Read More »

Bush's Delusional Cuba Policy


The Washington Post, Newsweek PostGlobal, Mar-05-2007 | Article

Since becoming Acting President of Cuba last July, Raul Castro has on several occasions offered to begin a dialogue with the United States. Each time, the offer has been rejected.... Read More »

Worst of the Presidents?


ContraPunto en America Latina, Mar-01-2007 | Article

The majority of Americans, clearly, have lost confidence in President Bush and his policies.... Read More »

Should the United States Remove Sanctions on Cuba?


The Costco Connection, Mar-01-2007 | Article

Our countries current Cuba policy is both illogical and counterproductive. Cuba poses no threat whatever to the security of the United States. In security terms, we can easily coexist with Cuba. It is a communist country, to be sure, but so are China and Vietnam. Yet we have cordial diplomatic and trade relations with them.... Read More »

Shelter Terrorists and We Damage Credibility


South Florida Sun-Sentinel, Feb-10-2007 | Article

The Bush administration says it is leading an all-out struggle against terrorism. But in fact, the administration itself and influential members of the Florida congressional delegation have consistently taken positions which, in one way or another, support terrorism.... Read More »

Castro's Legacy


Institute for America's Future, Feb-02-2007 | Article

At this point, it is not clear whether Fidel Castro will recover and resume the presidency. One way or the other, his almost half-century rule in Cuba is nearing an end. What will be his legacy?... Read More »

After 46 years of failure, we must change course on Cuba


The Guardian, Oct-31-2006 | Article

The annual vote in the UN general assembly on the US embargo against Cuba is back this month. Last year's result saw 182 member states oppose... Read More »

Sign Off Expensive And Unseen Broadcasts

by Vincent Parascandolo

South Florida Sun-Sentinel, Oct-28-2006 | Article

Of all the resources spent on U.S. policy toward Cuba, Radio and TV Marti are probably two of the most egregious examples of wasted taxpayer money -- nearly... Read More »

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