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Cuba, Bush, and the Mexico 'No-no'

by Sarah Stephens

The Huffington Post, Feb-10-2006 | Article

America may be addicted to Middle Eastern oil, as President Bush argued in his State of the Union speech last month, but his addiction to the hard line... Read More »

U.S. Policy's Effect the Opposite of Goal


South Florida Sun-Sentinel, Feb-02-2006 | Article

This past Dec. 19, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice reconvened the Commission for Assistance to a Free Cuba, originally called into being by President Bush in 2003 to explore ways "to hasten and ease a democratic transition in Cuba." ... Read More »

Wrong Approach on the Baseball Game


Jan-17-2006 | Article

Wayne Smith's response to: "Castro at the Bat," by Roberto Gonzalez, New York Times, (1/11/06)... Read More »

Let 'Em Play Ball


South Florida Sun-Sentinel, Jan-10-2006 | Letter

Just when you think U.S. policy toward Cuba couldn't be any more inane, counterproductive and downright dumb, it becomes so.... Read More »

Bullying Cuba out of ballpark


The Baltimore Sun, Dec-27-2005 | Article

The Treasury Department's recent announcement that it would not grant a license for a Cuban baseball team to participate in the World Baseball Classic planned for March was deeply disappointing but hardly a surprise.... Read More »

A Swing and a Miss: Why Bush Won’t Play Ball with Cuba

by Vincent Parascandolo

The Huffington Post, Dec-17-2005 | Article

It’s hard to know what was on Major League baseball’s mind when it sought to include Cuba and its baseball players in the World Baseball Classic that will take place next March in venues including Puerto Rico.... Read More »

U.S.: Sheltering terrorists


The South Florida Sun-Sentinel, Oct-27-2005 | Article

The United States is supposed to be in an all-out struggle against terrorism... Read More »

Bolton's Disruptive Agenda All Too Obvious


Sun-Sentinel, Sep-15-2005 | Article

Since his recess appointment by President Bush to represent the United States at the United Nations, John Bolton has proceeded to live up to the hubris of his previous comments:... Read More »

Bush Held Up Cuba Help Over Politics


South Florida Sun-Sentinel , Sep-13-2005 | Article

What a shame. Not even in the face of the massive human suffering caused by Hurricane Katrina could the Bush administration put aside its knee-jerk rejection of anything coming out of Cuba. Only two days after the storm hit the Gulf Coast, the Cubans quietly offered humanitarian assistance. No response.... Read More »

Violent `Solutions' Create New Problems


Sun-Sentinel, Aug-12-2005 | Article

As anti-Americanism has become a vital issue, various committees, delegations and retired diplomatic, military and intelligence officials have charged that our lack of an evenhanded approach to foreign relations and the worldwide perception of unfair policies are the main contributors to the problem.... Read More »

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