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Cuba shaping up as Iraq II


The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, May-26-2004 | Article

The path by which the Bush administration led us into the nightmarish Iraqi quagmire is strewn with arrogance, flawed assumptions, faulty intelligence and... Read More »

Track Bin Laden or Seize Cigars and Rum? Bush Puts Cuba Sanctions First over Fight against Terrorism Says Center for International Policy

by Sarah Stephens

U.S. Newswire, Apr-29-2004 | Article

The Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), the Treasury department agency charged with stopping the transit of illegal funds to... Read More »

Playing To The Exiles Hurts Dissidents' Cause


South Florida Sun-Sentinel, Feb-14-2004 | Article

Over the past two and a half years, the Bush administration has adopted an increasingly hostile, threatening attitude toward Cuba, even as... Read More »

Power Without Statesmanship Will Not Gain Peace


South Florida Sun-Sentinel, Nov-23-2003 | Article

Immediately after the 9-11 terrorist attacks there was an outpouring of support for and solidarity with the United States. The world faced a new threat, and, it was believed, the United States would now, as it had during the Cold War, lead the way in confronting it, consulting with its allies and working carefully within the United Nations system as it did so.... Read More »

Crackdown in Cuba


The Nation, May-12-2003 | Article

The arrest and long-term imprisonment of dozens of dissidents in Cuba and the rapid execution of three men who had attempted to hijack a boat were deplorable. Over the past few years, there had been an encouraging trend toward greater tolerance of dissent in Cuba.... Read More »

How Not To Encourage Liberalization In Cuba


South Florida Sun-Sentinel, Apr-16-2003 | Article

The arrest and long-term imprisonment of dozens of dissidents in Cuba and the execution of three men who attempted to hijack a boat represent so glaring an overreaction on the part of the Cuban government as to suggest a certain degree of irrationality, for they harm the Cuban government more than anyone else.... Read More »

Provocation, war spawned Cuba crackdown


Baltimore Sun, Apr-15-2003 | Article

BEFORE LAST month's deplorable crackdown on dissidents in Cuba, the situation there had seemed to be inching toward somewhat greater tolerance.... Read More »

Dismal Diplomacy


South Florida Sun Sentinel, Mar-27-2003 | Article

It is true that even had we given the U.N. inspectors more time, in the end we still might have had to use force to disarm Saddam Hussein. But it is also true that with competent diplomacy and a little more patience, we could have gone to war with the full support of the U.N. and of the overwhelming majority of other nations.... Read More »

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