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Distorted Priorities: Spending on Nuclear Weapons Versus Diplomacy and Domestic Needs

by William D. Hartung

Apr-06-2018 | Fact Sheet

While the Pentagon moves full speed ahead on building a new generation of nuclear, bombs, missiles, aircraft and submarines, this year’s budget proposes deep cuts in spending for education, the environment, diplomacy, and the social safety net... Read More »

U.S. Military and Police Aid Programs A Basic Guide

by Celina Menzel, Colby Goodman

Nov-11-2016 | Fact Sheet

n/a... Read More »

U.S. Security Cooperation with GCC Countries

by Security Assistance Monitor

Apr-19-2016 | Fact Sheet

U.S. involvement with the Saudi-led coalition airstrikes in Yemen is increasingly concerning as human rights organizations question the coalition's adherence to international law... Read More »

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