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Trim the Pentagon's Shadow Work Force

by William D. Hartung

US News, Oct-08-2015 | Article

What accounts for the discrepancy in the ratio of contractors to costs? Is it inefficiency, poor counting or an unexplained increase in the cost-per-contractor? These are crucial questions if the Pentagon's shadow work force is to be brought under control. ... Read More »

Interviews from Mexico - ‘El Wachavato’ on Urban Art

by Laura Carlsen

teleSUR English, Oct-08-2015 | Video, Interview

Interviews from Mexico, hosted by Laura Carlsen, goes straight to the source -- the men and women making news and making history in Mexico. Today our host speaks with a leading exponent of urban art in Mexico City, el Wachavato. They discuss the personal importance to him of a common image in his art, that of the people’s saint from his home state of Sinaloa, Jesus Malverde, also worshipped by drug traffickers. The conversation then turns to his more recent artistic expressions, the differences between graffiti and street art, and the cooptation of street art by “sponsors.”... Read More »

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