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Dealing With Russia Under Putin

by Melvin A. Goodman

NY Times, Mar-25-2014 | Letter

The United States never seriously tried to make Russia a part of Mikhail Gorbachev’s preference for a “common European home,” which is a contributing factor to today’s problems... Read More »

Invitation to a Dialogue: A Smaller Army

by William D. Hartung

New York Times, Mar-04-2014 | Letter

Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel’s plan to reduce the size of the Army is a step in the right direction. It underscores the fact that waging a large-scale ground war in Iraq and a major counterinsurgency campaign in Afghanistan were tragic mistakes that should not be repeated... Read More »

The Cuban Embargo Exacerbates Oil Spill Danger

by Frick Curry

Sun Sentinel, Jan-24-2014 | Letter

It is the embargo that prevents U.S. oil companies — with their superior safety record and expertise — from contracting with Cuba to do the drilling... Read More »

US Doesn’t Need More Defense Dollars to Ease Crisis in East China Sea

by Charles Knight

Boston Globe, Jan-24-2014 | Letter

Preventing war with a rising China requires diplomatic wisdom, not additional US military investment... Read More »

The Risks and Rewards of a Deal with Iran

by Harry Blaney

Washington Post, Nov-29-2013 | Letter

According to Blaney, a long-term agreement with Iran would be good for Israel, good for the region and good for U.S. and allied security interests... Read More »

15 National Organizations Urge Support of Merkley Afghanistan Amendment to NDAA

by Win Without War

Nov-20-2013 | Letter

Win Without War and 14 other national organizations sent a letter to the Senate encouraging them to get behind Amendment 2343... Read More »

Opposition of Efforts to Delay Pentagon Savings

by Win Without War, CIP

Nov-20-2013 | Letter

Groups across the ideological spectrum sign-on to a letter opposing efforts to delay Pentagon savings... Read More »

Joint Letter in Support of Guantanamo Provisions in Senate Bill

by Win Without War, CIP

Human Rights Watch, Nov-15-2013 | Letter

Closing Guantanamo is good human rights policy and, according to military and intelligence experts, good national security policy. The Guantanamo provisions in the Senate NDAA provide the necessary flexibility to execute that policy responsibly... Read More »

A Critical Perspective on Military Stewardship


Washington Post, Nov-01-2013 | Letter

U.S. military involvement in Afghanistan has failed because there is no strategy capable of winning a war whose foundations are morally rotten... Read More »

Keep Arms Control Focus

by William D. Hartung

NY Times, Sep-08-2013 | Letter

In a letter to the editor of the New York Times, William Hartung outlines the importance of dialogue between Russia and the United States... Read More »

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