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America's War Habit

by Laura Carlsen

The Nation, Aug-02-2018 | Letter

CIP Senior Fellow, Melvin A. Goodman's letter to the editor.... Read More »

Trump's Assault on the World Order

by William D. Hartung

New York Times, Jun-23-2018 | Letter

Ms. Schake is correct in asserting that President Trump’s assault on the current liberal order could make the world a more dangerous place. But she presents an idealized version of American leadership that doesn’t square with historical reality... Read More »

Who is this woman standing next to Trump?

by Diana Ohlbaum

Washington Post, Jun-11-2018 | Letter

The June 2 front-page article “Summit with Kim will go forward, Trump announces,” about reinstatement of the summit between President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, was accompanied by a photograph of Trump and two others... Read More »

An Open Letter to UN Secretary-General António Guterres

by Win Without War

Human Rights Watch, Jun-08-2018 | Letter

As organizations working to protect children in situations of war, we sincerely welcome your decision in 2017 to include the Saudi Arabia-led Coalition along with other violators in the annexes of your Annual Report of the Secretary-General on Children and Armed (“Annual Report”) based on credible UN-verified evidence of violations against children in armed conflict... Read More »

Searching for a good approach to Syria


Washington Post, Apr-23-2018 | Letter

As reported in the April 18 news article “Saudi Arabia says it’s open to sending troops to Syria as U.S. draws down,” we have yet to find a good approach to Syria... Read More »

A Nuclear Plan in Dangerous Times: Letter to the Editor


New York Times, Jan-22-2018 | Letter

Your editorial analysis of the dangers of the Trump administration’s nuclear policy indicates that it can lead only to higher risks of nuclear calamities, with global instability and proliferation of even more weapons of mass destruction... Read More »

A Seat at the Table

by William D. Hartung

Harpers, Jan-16-2018 | Letter

Theodore Postol suggests that a swarm of defensive drones hovering over the Sea of Japan might force Kim Jong-un to the bargaining table [“Destroyer of Worlds,” Forum, December]. But it could also be viewed as a way of increasing the United States’ ability to launch a first strike with impunity... Read More »

Leading from the left


The Guardian, Nov-05-2017 | Letter

As an observer of European politics, I found the summary of the need for a realignment of the moderate left in Europe by Denis MacShane ('What Gordon Brown could learn from this old communist', Comment, last week) to be a necessary call for a rebuilding of a withered 'liberal' politics - in the American sense - throughout the EU... Read More »

Putting the Brake on U.S. Military Actions

by William D. Hartung

NY Times, Oct-29-2017 | Letter

Your welcome editorial describes the scale, range and duration of the multiple American military operations abroad... Read More »

Harry Blaney: Letter to the Editor


The Sunday Times, Oct-27-2017 | Letter

Brexit will in time erase any real influence by Britain over events in Europe and in America. This self-isolation and disengagement will have a negative impact on the UK’s security, economy and global standing. Many from the EU nations died side by side with Britons and Americans in the Second World War to bring about a Europe that is united, democratic and at peace... Read More »

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