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'Unanswerable' Questions on Torture Are Actually Answerable


The Washington Post, Sep-06-2009 | Letter

Richard Cohen argued that "no one can possibly believe that America is now safer because of the new restrictions on enhanced interrogation and the subsequent appointment ... Read More »

Where Our Defense Money Goes

by , Bob Edgar

Boston Globe, Aug-05-2009 | Letter

BY THREATENING to veto the defense appropriations bill if it included money for more F-22 stealth fighter planes, President Obama signaled that he was going to put an end to the way business has been done in Washington. We applaud the president’s announcement, but so far it is more symbolic than real... Read More »

Secrets and the C.I.A.


New York Times, Aug-04-2009 | Letter

To the Editor: Re “Obama Administration Weighs In on State Secrets, Raising Concern on the Left,” by Adam Liptak (Sidebar column, Aug. 4): My 24 years as an analyst at the Central Intelligence Agency (1966-90) taught me that national security is only the ostensible reason for using the state secrets privilege in cases before the court ... Read More »

Britain's Retreat Will Put the World At Greater Risk


The Financial Times, May-26-2009 | Letter

Sir, James Blitz’s article (“Testing waters ahead”, May 21), which focuses on Britain’s military choices, also raises the question of rethinking of “Britain’s global role”. ... Read More »

Reopening Channels of Communication with Cuba


NY Times, May-09-2009 | Letter

'U.S. Plans Informal Meetings With Cuban Diplomats to Improve Communications'' (news article, April 27) reported government officials as indicating the Obama administration to be quietly pushing to reopen channels of communication with Cuba. This simply makes sense.... Read More »

Memo on the Nomination of Michael Mukasey by former U.S. Intelligence Officers


Nov-06-2007 | Letter

Values that are extremely important to us as former intelligence officers are at stake in your committee's confirmation deliberations on Judge Michael Mukasey.... Read More »

Facing the Russia problem


International Herald Tribune, Sep-13-2007 | Letter

There is no more serious problem for Western democracies than the possibility of Russian society taking a downward spiral.... Read More »

The Danger in Militarizing Intelligence


The Washington Post, Jul-13-2007 | Letter

In his July 8 op-ed, "Getting the CIA We Need," David Ignatius said the "White House has done better on intelligence during the past year," during which the Pentagon... Read More »

Tuning Out the Impact of Torture


The Washington Post, Apr-26-2007 | Letter

Regarding the April 17 news story "CIA Chief Complains About Agency's Critics in Europe": I was dismayed by the talk that CIA Director Michael V. Hayden... Read More »

[PDF] Letter to OAS Secretary-General José Miguel Insulza


Jan-09-2007 | Letter

The Government of Ecuador has presented to you a formal protest against the aerial herbicide fumigations that Colombia is carrying out... Read More »

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