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Nicaraguans Will Decide

by Barton Beeson

The Washington Post, Nov-04-2006 | Letter

Robert Novak's "Losing Nicaragua, Again" [op-ed, Oct. 30] correctly criticized the U.S. policy toward Nicaragua, but it did so for all the wrong reasons. Mr. Novak failed to mention... Read More »

Let the Cubans Make Plans for Cuba's Future


The Washington Post, Aug-27-2006 | Letter

An Aug. 19 article by Manuel Roig-Franzia quotes Raúl Castro as saying that Cuba "has always been open to normalizing relations [with the United States] on an equal plane" but adding, "What we can't accept is the policy of arrogance and meddling. . . ."... Read More »

The Real Solution for Colombia's Drug Problems


The Washington Post, Jul-03-2006 | Letter

In "More Help for Colombia" [op-ed, June 26], Robert D. Novak employs a tired tactic: slapping the "soft on drugs" label on any who oppose the current U.S. policy toward Colombia. Critics, Mr. Novak implies, are betraying brave Colombian anti-drug police officers who risk their lives every day.... Read More »

Human Rights Violators


NY Times, Mar-18-2006 | Letter

The European Union has assured the United States that its members would keep notorious rights violators off the proposed new United Nations human rights council, which is opposed by the United States but supported by human rights groups and virtually all other United Nations members. ... Read More »

Giving Mexico the Business


South Florida Sun-Sentinel, Feb-24-2006 | Letter

The U.S. Treasury Department had ordered the Maria Isabel Sheraton Hotel to expel the members of a Cuban delegation there to attend an international conference. ... Read More »

U.S.-Venezuelan Relations


Feb-10-2006 | Letter

In her February 10 article on increasingly tense relations between the United States and Venezuela, Pamela Constable quotes Otto Reich as saying that: “We didn’t start this,“ and that Chavez was responsible for provoking U.S. hostility.... Read More »

Let 'Em Play Ball


South Florida Sun-Sentinel, Jan-10-2006 | Letter

Just when you think U.S. policy toward Cuba couldn't be any more inane, counterproductive and downright dumb, it becomes so.... Read More »

To Advance Rights, Lead by Example


The New York Times, Feb-16-2005 | Letter

Your Feb. 15 editorial ''Self-Inflicted Wounds,'' about the torture of prisoners, is right on target. For the United States to torture prisoners, or outsource torture, is not only ineffectual, ''it debases this nation at home and abroad.'' ... Read More »

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