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We Demand a Vote

by CIP

Jun-27-2014 | Letter

On June 27, CIP the Win Without War coalition joined with 29 other organizations to urge Congress to demand a vote before any bombs fall on Iraq... Read More »

CIP and Others Express Concern and Urge Congressional Leadership Regarding Counter Terrorism Partners

by CIP

Jun-17-2014 | Letter

CIP joins 16 other organizations in calling on Congress to not authorize the President's CTPF or the FY2015 NDAA... Read More »

The U.S. Must Curb Wasteful and Ineffective Spending at the Pentagon

by CIP

May-21-2014 | Letter

The United States must curb wasteful and ineffective spending at the Pentagon. Doing so will save billions of valuable tax dollars as well as help to make America safer with the hard decisions our national security requires... Read More »

The Force of President Obama’s Cautious Foreign Policy

by William D. Hartung

Washington Post, May-02-2014 | Letter

Contrary to the rhetoric of his critics, President Obama has done right by avoiding the use of military force to address recent foreign policy crises... Read More »

Playing the Long Game in Ukraine

by Harry Blaney

NY Times, Apr-19-2014 | Letter

There is little that is truly clear about the Ukraine crisis, and there have been a lot of far-fetched and unwise calls from the ideological extremes... Read More »

Dealing With Russia Under Putin

by Melvin A. Goodman

NY Times, Mar-25-2014 | Letter

The United States never seriously tried to make Russia a part of Mikhail Gorbachev’s preference for a “common European home,” which is a contributing factor to today’s problems... Read More »

Letter to President Obama on CIA Spying on Congress

by CIP

POGO, Mar-12-2014 | Letter

CIP and others write to urge President Obama to expedite the declassification of the report by the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (SSCI) on the interrogation and detention practices of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)... Read More »

Invitation to a Dialogue: A Smaller Army

by William D. Hartung

New York Times, Mar-04-2014 | Letter

Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel’s plan to reduce the size of the Army is a step in the right direction. It underscores the fact that waging a large-scale ground war in Iraq and a major counterinsurgency campaign in Afghanistan were tragic mistakes that should not be repeated... Read More »

The Cuban Embargo Exacerbates Oil Spill Danger


Sun Sentinel, Jan-24-2014 | Letter

It is the embargo that prevents U.S. oil companies — with their superior safety record and expertise — from contracting with Cuba to do the drilling... Read More »

US Doesn’t Need More Defense Dollars to Ease Crisis in East China Sea

by Charles Knight

Boston Globe, Jan-24-2014 | Letter

Preventing war with a rising China requires diplomatic wisdom, not additional US military investment... Read More »

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