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Colombian Human Rights Defenders Continue to Endure Threats, Attacks, Harassment and Illgeal Surveillance under Santos Government

by Abigail Poe Akre, Gimena Sanches-Garzoli, Lisa Haugaard, Viviana Krsticvic

Washington Office on Latin America, May-23-2011 | Letter

The Santos Administration must not only embrace the language of human rights, but also take effective action to guarantee the legitimate work of human rights defenders, essential for freedom of expression and a thriving democratic society... Read More »

Obama's Budget Plan: A Scorecard

by William D. Hartung, Apr-14-2011 | Letter

Your article about President Obama’s 12-year deficit reduction plan says that it will cut military spending by $400 bil... Read More »

Letter to the Editor: USIP: Worth having, Worth Funding


The Washington Post, Mar-13-2011 | Letter

If Colman McCarthy would like to make the U.S. Institute of Peace more effective, he should initiate a campaign ... Read More »

Experts' Letter on Defense Spending

by Carl Conetta, Coalition for a Realistic Foreign Policy

Nov-18-2010 | Letter

Joint declaration by 48 top scholars and practitioners of national security policy: “We can achieve safe savings in defense if we are willing to rethink how we produce military power and how, why, and where we put it to use... Read More »

These Myopic Cuts Will Only Lead to a Global Depression

by Harry Blaney

Financial Times , Jul-12-2010 | Letter

Sir, Martin Wolf’s lucid and compelling article, “Three years on, fault lines threaten the world economy” (July 14) was right on about the precarious elements in our ... Read More »

Lifting the Restrictions on U.S. Travel to Cuba

by Wayne Smith

NY Times, Jul-12-2010 | Letter

In his July 9 letter, James C. Cason, a former chief of the United States Interests Section in Havana, insists that allowing Americans to travel freely to Cuba will not in any way encourage greater openness on the island... Read More »

To Stop a Terrorist: No Lack of Ideas

by Melvin A. Goodman

New york Times , Jan-05-2010 | Letter

You correctly demand a ''clearheaded, nonpoliticized assessment of what went wrong'' in the Christmas Day terrorism plot and ''nonhysterical remedies'' to prevent... Read More »

Obama's Choices in the Afghan War


New York Times , Oct-30-2009 | Letter

The issue is not whether President Obama is stubborn enough to stick to an earlier ill-advised judgment that the United States... Read More »

Intelligence Vets Back Torture Probe

by Melvin A. Goodman, Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity

War is a Crime, Sep-27-2009 | Letter

We write you, Mr. President, as former intelligence professionals to voice strong support for Attorney General Eric Holder’s authorization of a wider... Read More »

'Unanswerable' Questions on Torture Are Actually Answerable

by Melvin A. Goodman

The Washington Post, Sep-06-2009 | Letter

Richard Cohen argued that "no one can possibly believe that America is now safer because of the new restrictions on enhanced interrogation and the subsequent appointment ... Read More »

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