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Greater Transparency Can Improve U.S. Security Assistance Programs

by William D. Hartung

Sunshine Week, Mar-12-2015 | Article

Security assistance – the arming and training of foreign military and police forces – is a crucial tool of U.S. foreign policy. The goal of this type of assistance is to foster stability, bolster allies, and promote human rights and good governance. Done well, these programs can make all of us safer by preventing or reducing armed conflict. Done poorly, they can be used to undermine human rights, fuel conflict, and enable corruption on the part of recipient governments... Read More »

U.S. Support for Mexico's Drug War Goes Beyond Guns and Money

by Angelika Albaladejo, Mike LaSusa

Truth Out, Dec-01-2014 | Article

In spite of widely acknowledged and rampant corruption in Mexico's security and law enforcement institutions, implicated in the September disappearance of more than 40 college students, the United States continues to supply the country with well over $100 million per year in military and police assistance... Read More »

U.S. Restricts Police Aid to Africa Over Effects of Anti-LGBT Law

by Colby Goodman

Amnesty USA, Jul-28-2014 | Article

The Obama Administration has suspended U.S. security assistance to Uganda in connection with its new “Anti-Homosexuality Act,” raising the possibility of similar U.S. restrictions for other African states on the eve of the U.S.-Africa Summit... Read More »

Mexico Prepping to Buy More Black Hawks: Settling in for a Lengthy Fight in Drug War?

by Sarah Kinosian

Christian Science Monitor, Apr-29-2014 | Article

Mexico's plan to purchase 18 Black Hawk helicopters from the U.S. could be a sign of a long-term battle with drug traffickers... Read More »

Countering Militarized Public Security in Latin America: Understanding the Trend in Venezuela

by Sarah Kinosian

Sustainable Security, Nov-12-2013 | Article

In Sustainable Security's two-part discussion ‘Countering Militarized Public Security in Latin America’, Sarah Kinosian and Matt Budd explore the roots of the increasing trend towards militarization of public security across Central and South America and ask what lessons can be learned from alternative methods... Read More »

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