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Remarks by Selig S. Harrison, Director, Asia Program, Center for International Policy

by Selig S. Harrison

Baluchistan International Conference, Nov-21-2009 | Speech

Scripture for me on the subject of Pakistan is an important book called the Shadow of the Great Game: the Untold Story of India’s Partition, by Narendra Singh Sarila, a retired Indian diplomat who was the ADC to Mountbatten.... Read More »

Iran, Iraq, and the United States: The View from Tehran

by Selig S. Harrison

May-14-2008 | Speech

Remarks by Selig S. Harrison, Senior Scholar, Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars and Director, Asia Program, Center for Intern... Read More »

Remarks by Tom Andrews, National Director of Win Without War

by Tom Andrews

Aug-30-2007 | Speech

A resolution of the deepening crisis in Iraq can only be achieved through political negotiation and compromise. As most independent observers... Read More »

London Speech on Balochistan (audio)

by Selig S. Harrison

Balochwarna, Jan-01-2007 | Speech

Selig Harrison's speech on Balochistan at FPC Seminar in London ... Read More »

Remarks at a Forum on Bangladesh Elections

by Selig S. Harrison

Oct-17-2006 | Speech

Remarks by Selig S. Harrison at a Forum on “The Bangladesh Elections: Promoting Democracy and Protecting Rights in a Muslim-Majority Country... Read More »

Director Selig S. Harrison's "Report on North Korea"

by Selig S. Harrison

Sep-28-2006 | Speech

Selig S. Harrison, “Report on North Korea,” presented at the U.S.-Korea Institute, Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies, Washington, September 28, 2006... Read More »

Remarks by Director Selig S. Harrison at a Forum on "India, The United States and The World"

by Selig S. Harrison

Sep-27-2006 | Speech

Remarks by Selig S. Harrison at a Forum on “India, The United States and The World,” Cosmos Club, Washington. September 27,2006... Read More »

The North Korean Nuclear Crisis and the US-North Korea Relations

by Selig S. Harrison

Apr-01-2005 | Speech

The following was prepared for a conference on "The Second Bush Administration and the Korean Peninsula" sponsored by the Sejong Institute... Read More »

Ponencia sobre Plan Colombia dada por Adam Isacson el sábado 16 del 2001 en la Escuela Superior de Administración Pública (ESAP) en Bogotá

by Adam Isacson

Sep-16-2001 | Speech

Buenos días, debo empezar por agradecer profundamente a la ESAP y a los organizadores de este excelente evento. Yo trabajo en una ONG en Washington que se llama el Centro para las Políticas Internacionales... Read More »

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