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Ivory and Insecurity: The Global Implications of Poaching in Africa


Global Financial Integrity, May-24-2012 | Testimony

Tom Cardamone's written testimony before the U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations... Read More »

Remarks on North Korea

by Selig S. Harrison

Jun-17-2009 | Testimony

Testimony of Selig S. Harrison, Senior Scholar, Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, and Director, Asia Program, Center for International Policy, House Committee on Foreign Affairs, June 17, 2009... Read More »

[PDF] Testimony of Adam Isacson, Hearing of the Senate Foreign Relations Western Hemisphere Subcommittee on "The Impact on Latin America of the Servicemembers' Protection Act"

by Adam Isacson

Mar-08-2006 | Testimony

Senator Coleman, Senator Dodd, members of the subcommittee, I want to thank you for holding this hearing, and for inviting me to participate... Read More »

China, North Korea, and the United States

by Selig S. Harrison

Mar-10-2005 | Testimony

Testimony Prepared for a Hearing of the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission on "China’s Proliferation Practices and Role in... Read More »

Hearing of the House Government Reform Committee on "The War Against Drugs and Thugs: A Status Report on Plan Colombia Successes and Remaining Challenges"

by Adam Isacson

Jun-17-2004 | Testimony

Let me begin by thanking the Committee for holding a hearing on the status of Plan Colombia.... Read More »

Testimony of Adam Isacson on "U.S. Policy Toward Colombia"

by Adam Isacson

Apr-08-2002 | Testimony

Chairman Ballenger, Ranking Member Menendez, I thank you for the opportunity to testify before your subcommittee today on U.S. policy toward Colombia... Read More »

Testimony of Adam Isacson, Hearing of the Criminal Justice, Drug Policy, and Human Resources Subcommittee of the House Government Reform Committee on "US Air Interdiction Efforts in South America After the Peru Incident"

by Adam Isacson

May-01-2001 | Testimony

Chairman Souder and members of the subcommittee, it is a pleasure to appear before you today to testify about this important issue. Thank you for inviting me to participate... Read More »

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