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Toxic Tourism

by Tom Barry

Boston Review, Jul-29-2015 | Article

According to Mexican tourism officials, magical experiences and eco-adventures await those who travel to the remote mountains and canyons of the Sierra Tarahumara in the border state of Chihuahua. They also assure tourists that they will be safe and that the native Tarahumara people are the major beneficiaries of the government-sponsored tourism industry... Read More »

Don't Defund, Just Dismantle the Department of Homeland Security

by Tom Barry

Boston Review, Feb-26-2015 | Article

The Republican majority has refused to approve new funding for the Department of Homeland Security. Following the lead of the party’s most conservative members, congressional Republicans will reject a new DHS budget unless President Obama reverses his November 2014 executive order to protect more than 4 million immigrants from deportation. Republicans are right to obstruct the routine annual funding of DHS—but they are doing it for the wrong reasons... Read More »

Dysfunctional Drones Underscore Mission Mess at Homeland Security

by Tom Barry

Truthout, Jan-21-2015 | Article

President Obama and Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson are committed to more drone surveillance of US borders. Over the past year, the president has called for emergency supplemental funding for DHS to fund a "sustained border security surge," including new funding for border drones... Read More »

CIP and Others Express Concern and Urge Congressional Leadership Regarding Counter Terrorism Partners

by CIP

Jun-17-2014 | Letter

CIP joins 16 other organizations in calling on Congress to not authorize the President's CTPF or the FY2015 NDAA... Read More »

The U.S. Must Curb Wasteful and Ineffective Spending at the Pentagon

by CIP

May-21-2014 | Letter

The United States must curb wasteful and ineffective spending at the Pentagon. Doing so will save billions of valuable tax dollars as well as help to make America safer with the hard decisions our national security requires... Read More »

Ah, Chihuahua! The changing character of the vast Mexican state that is our neighbor

by Tom Barry

Desert Exposure, Sep-04-2013 |

Facing a series of challenges that range from severe droughts to widespread drug-related violence, the people of Chihuahua have persevered. Tom Barry examines what the future will hold for the hardened Chihuahua natives... Read More »

Homeland Security Taps Generals to Run Domestic Drone Program: The Rise of Predators at Home

by Tom Barry

Truthout, Aug-07-2013 | Article

As drones are pushed by former generals, military-grade Predators have cost the Department of Homeland Security an enormous amount of money, with few results to show for it... Read More »

A Sotol Story

by Tom Barry

New Mexico Mercury, Jul-30-2013 | Article

The culture of the border region isn't just characterized by violence and armed soldiers, as Barry explains in this piece on the region's signature spirit, sotol.... Read More »

A Memorial for a Failed Border Policy

by Tom Barry

The MIT Press, Jul-15-2013 | Article

Congress's efforts to strengthen border security contribute to political goals, but do little to curb drug trafficking or increase safety at the border... Read More »

Cowboys and Indians

by Tom Barry

Boston Review, Jun-03-2013 | Article

As tensions rise in Chihuahua over water, farmers take to the streets in protest of the government's failure to protect their rights... Read More »

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