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Hagel's First Step on Defense

by William D. Hartung

Huffington Post, Apr-03-2013 | Article

In his first major address, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel expresses practical goals for handling defense priorities in the wake of the sequester... Read More »

Globalisation, Illicit Financial Flows Widen Inequality


TrustLaw, Mar-26-2013 | Article

If income inequality increases further in some countries, social and political stability may suffer... Read More »

Chavez: Washington Nemesis, Latin American Hero

by Laura Carlsen

CIP Americas, Mar-12-2013 | Article

Washington hopes Chavez's death means change in Venezuela, but social indicators measuring human suffering showed steady improvement over his fifteen-year tenure... Read More »

With Immigration Reform Looming, Private Prisons Lobby to Keep Migrants Behind Bars

by Laura Carlsen

Huffington Post, Mar-05-2013 | Article

The proposed immigration reform bill could hurt the multibillion-dollar private prison industry and consequently save the government billions of dollars... Read More »

9 Ways To Reduce Defense Spending

by Melvin A. Goodman

Huffington Post, Mar-05-2013 | Article

9 ways to reduce a defense budget that costs its taxpayers twice as much "as each British citizen; five times as much as each German; and six times as much as each Japanese."... Read More »

The Nuke Plan to Nowhere

by William D. Hartung

Huffington Post, Mar-04-2013 | Article

The House Appropriations Committee voted yesterday to shield nuclear program spending from budget cuts, approving a nuclear program budget of $640 billion in taxpayers' dollars over the next decade... Read More »

Obama Getting Ready to Reduce Nukes: A Step in the Right Direction

by Charles Knight

Huffington Post, Feb-28-2013 | Article

The Obama administration is scaling down deployed nuclear warheads even further than the provisions set by the New START Treaty, which called for a reduction to 1,550 by 2018. Along with Russia, the administration believes a number closer to 1,000 is sufficient.... Read More »

Resisting the Model of War in Mexico: A Binational Effort

by Laura Carlsen

CIP Americas, Feb-26-2013 | Article

The beginning of new governments in the U.S. and Mexico leave some hopeful of the Merida Initiative finally being implemented successfully. But after 6 years and 100,000 deaths, it is clear that to be successful, the U.S. needs to tweak its strategy... Read More »

There's Plenty to Cut at the Pentagon

by William D. Hartung

CNN, Feb-22-2013 | Article

The Pentagon could save more than $85 billion over the next decade by not buying the unecessary F-35 combat flyer and Littoral Combat Ship, both of which have suffered serious performance problems... Read More »

Monsanto Conquest Meets Aztec Resistance

by Laura Carlsen

CIP Americas, Feb-14-2013 | Article

Monsanto is a chemical and biotechnology firm that has developed genetically-modified seed for planting. For years the corporation has been trying to take over the global seed market with their modified seed -- seed doused with chemicals... Read More »

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